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  1. actvpwr

    Mendeola came through

    We've been waiting for this Mendeola Transaxle for a couple years, I just wanted to give a good word to Mike Mendeola. They had problems obviously, but I have to say they were alway good about following up with return phone calls and honesty about the issues they were dealing with. Mike...
  2. actvpwr

    Our plus 4 Stretch model is ready

    Hi Andreas That one is going together in Texas, I'll check with the customer and see it he has any updated pictures, I know he was moving right along on it. So wait are you asking about the MK1 or the MK 2 in the picture? The MK2 is in Texas the Mark 1 is inthe bodyshop here. There are several...
  3. actvpwr

    A MK1 with 15s

    I still love the look of the Trigo's, this one is heading to Iowa.
  4. actvpwr

    Business Opportunity

    I turned 65 this year, I am planning on winding things down next year and will eventually have all the molds and tooling we use to build our replica for sale. I plan on being around for a while for support for our existing customers and the new owner, but it's time to let someone else take over...
  5. actvpwr

    Joe’s AP MK1 Gt40 build

    Thanks Randy, I just hung up with them, he laughed, he gets several of these call about this topic a week. The whole port is moved up 1/8" I have a set of flanges from Stainless Works that are correct. I'm just going to start over and build a new set with these flanges. "standard" (if there is...
  6. actvpwr

    Joe’s AP MK1 Gt40 build

    These are the flanges I've been using lately on these headers. I do use a stock 351 with stock heads as my fixture. I'm going to just take an 1/8" off the top of the flange before I finish we;ding them out, I don't see how Joe will have a problem. The 3/16 side to side concern doesn't make any...
  7. actvpwr

    Our plus 4 Stretch model is ready

    Andres I'll sure keep updates going as I get them, these first rollers are getting built right now. As I get updates fromcustomers I'll sure post them here. Chris
  8. actvpwr

    Our plus 4 Stretch model is ready

    The first Plus 4 delivered yesterday. A Mark 1 Roller heading to Oklahoma.
  9. actvpwr

    Our plus 4 Stretch model is ready

    We added 4" to the passenger compartment to accommodate the tall guy. Taking orders.
  10. actvpwr

    The P68 and the Honker

    I just realized the Honker was a spider version of the P68. Never made that connection but now it's so obvious.
  11. actvpwr


    Heading to Wisconsin
  12. actvpwr


    Who would have thought? You have to admit they look pretty good.
  13. actvpwr

    Fresh Mark 1 Build

    Customer just finished this Mark 1. It's registered and is for sale. Fresh Mark 1 Build Info
  14. actvpwr

    Twin Turbo Gurney Car

    180 degree headers and twin turbo,
  15. actvpwr

    Twin Turbo Gurney Car

    Put this baby on the truck this morning.
  16. actvpwr

    Note to self: When building 180 headers for a Clevor...

    the windsor jig doesn't work.
  17. actvpwr

    Lola T70 Build

    It's going dark blue. The customer changed his mind and is having his body shop paint it so we're finishing the build now. I told him on the phone the end of July. (Hope)
  18. actvpwr

    Twin Turbo Gurney Car

    Here's a video of the first start up.
  19. actvpwr

    Twin Turbo Gurney Car

    Finally getting this monster wrapped up. Took this job in before I learned how to say "no". It has been fun though. It's off at the interior shop now, then it goes to the dyno, then off to San Jose California. This car will be getting our new seats. The new seat has a nice curve to it now which...