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    Gurney Eagle Valve Covers

    Tempting. I need a set of sealed valve covers for my dry sump engine and I do love this style. Hmmm £395+ vat?
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    This was the shortened g50/52 that I was going to use. As mentioned above strong box and good v8 ratios. Plate style ZF lsd as standard (use at 40 for the road not 80 as you’ll likely understeer like a manic). Was a full CMS build, billet shifters, side and rear plates, cryo and rem internals...
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    Bundle of snakes

    Yeah it’s not an off the shelf item. You have to take it to them to do it. Super pricing compared to some places out there. It is mild steel though so you’ll need to protect it. Am having them do my manifolds for my cobra.
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    Has anyone ran a Haltech Nexus R5?

    The R5 is an expensive option that’s for sure but it’s a good bit of kit having a PDM built in for anything requiring PWM control. If you’re going to utilise all it has to offer then it’s a good option but otherwise it’s likely there is cheaper and just as good stuff out there. I’d love to have...
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    Looking for engine harness wiring companies

    For any of you on efi have you had a custom engine harness made for you in the UK? If so who has done it and what sort of ballpark costings should i be expecting? No after anything milspec or race ready, just a clean wiring loom for ecu to engine. Interior loom is sorted. I will have basic...
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    FS USA Haltech IGN1A coils

    Open to offers by the way :)
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    SGT are back in business but they are not manufacturing chassis, will be doing a variety of other bits and pieces for the builds. It is not Mick himself running it, he is still retired.
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    FS USA Haltech IGN1A coils

    I have for sale a set of unused Haltech IGN1A ignition coils. These retail for $75-$80 each. They’ve been opened and mounted to brackets but never used. There are no connectors but they are $5 each. The brackets are not included. Only selling as I have two sets and only need 1! They’re...
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    Interesting block strength video

    Tmeyer is currently designing and building a two part oil pan for their 'new blocks' which incorporates main caps and girdle etc. They arent exactly speedy though
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    It may help your sale if you advise which kit the body was designed for or who it was made by.
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    FS EU Brembo Handbrake calipers + electric handbrake

    Calipers sold, electric handbrake still available
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    FS EU Brembo Handbrake calipers + electric handbrake

    So as I’ve had to shift my project to a Cobra for the moment (boo hiss I know) these are surplus to my requirements. 2 x brembo handbrake calipers and pads. Perfect condition, not sure whether have had much use at all! Think I have cables too will have to check. SOLD E Stopp electric...
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    FAST EZ EFI self tuning system issues

    Im going to be using MaxxEcu Race with my 8 stack, not expecting any issues for tuning etc and neither is my tuner. Will be DBW, coil near plug, sequential ignition and injection on flex fuel. Custom pieced together system for my 9.2 deck. Hopefully it all works out anyway haha. The FAST's...
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    FS USA ZF -2 transaxles for sale

    crikey you had a bit of a score there didnt you!
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    IVA Tyre speed rating and brake hoses

    That could be interesting for me then as my top gear is geared to 264 at max revs :D Even at 5500 its 193mph :confused: Naturally the car wont ever get there but will have to do some thinking how to approach this come IVA time.
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    IVA Tyre speed rating and brake hoses

    Basically dont have tyres that are rated to something low like 100mph. They aren't stupid and know what speeds these cars can reach, whether you'll do that speed or not. Speed rating mph km/h Speed rating mph km/h A1 3 5 K 68 110 A2 6 10 L 75 120 A3 9 15 M 81 130 A4 12 20 N 87 140...
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    347 FORD AND G50

    You need to be sure of your motorbalance before purchasing anything. As mentioned I bought mine from Kennedy engineering. Starter depends on your chassis etc.
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    FS USA Built Porsche G50/52 and SBF Kennedy twin plate clutch/adaptor

    The pics are in the original post but I’m afraid I received a deposit today for it whilst awaiting packing and shipping costs.