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    GT40 Original Seats

    Send me your email address to [email protected] or ask Jay Cushman for a photo
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    GT40 Original Seats

    I'm now making the original fiberglass seat backs for Jay.
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    Mark Worthington Stuck

    Thanks guys! I really thought right from the first that this was a scam. Sorry Pete, I'm down to my last six pack. I'll be thinking of ya !!
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    Mark Worthington Stuck

    I just heard from Mark. He is stuck in the UK and needs someone to send him some money to get home. Sorry Mark, but I spent all my money on a shippment of resin. There must be someone in the UK that you could work for to earn some money for the trip home. Sorry, Bill Hough
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    P1054 to be Auctioned

    I must thank Fran Kress for helping me in my fiberglass business. He lent me the tail off 1054 to cast a mold off it. 1054 is the first and only GT40 I've been in. I believe Fran has the original wire wheels also. You can usually see Fran at the Carlisle Kit Car Show in PA. every spring.
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    Bruce McLaren Can Am startup tribute video

    Is that Tyler Alexander standing behind the car?
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    XGT-2 Paint Restoration

    Jay, is that the nose I made? If it is, they finished it off nice! I got to come up and see it!
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    Mk1 Profile Drawings

    Tony, I sent you a PM
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    New guy from Maine

    I like the WWII P51 paint job. Nice!
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    Quick lift jack plates

    Dave, I will draw one up for you. I think Jay Cushman sells the real ones.
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    Lola 332

    Johan, What is the history of your 332?
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    Small single axle race car trailer. will take a car 66" wide or less. deck or ramps are 13'-6" long by 14" wide 2" ball with locking hitch, tires are good, brake lights work. I have the title, registered and on the road. $1200.00 email for a picture @ [email protected]
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    Tornado @ Lime Rock Park

    Scott, It's E-glass and I will be up to my eyes & elbows all weekend making GT40 bodiee & a LMP body. I figure, I'm a year behind! I go every year with my Daytona Coupe but not this year. I might go Friday. I may have to sneak out early in the morning without my wife knowing! The Daytona Coupe...
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    anybody want a plane?

    I wonder if he would trade for my Long EZ?
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    K-Code 289 & Original Bodywork Wanted

    Shoot an email to; Curt Vogt [email protected] 203-384-3863 Curt has a good knowledge of what's around for cobras, GT40's & 350 Shelby Mustangs
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    Transaxles made for Kit Cars

    Lexus, They may not want to get involved in the kit car industry because of Product Liability Insurance.
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    EGLITOMS RCR 40 for sale

    Tom, build a RCR Lola T70 MKIIIB Coupe. I bet you would do a super job!
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    Green GT40 of Peter Sutcliffe

    chassis #1012 Now there is a find!!! Interesting!
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    Name the aeroplane ?

    Dave, ever fly a Shackleton into Bermuda? I was stationed there in 1967-'68 while in the USAF. The Shackletons were fun to watch land .....blowing tires, parts flying off and go-arounds! The BOAC VC-10's were beautiful!
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    Porsche Transaxle

    Sold !