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    My GT40 Out In The Wild

    Looks good! John
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    Kva 'build manual'

    George, I have a KVA and would like to have the build manuals. Could you email me a copy of the files to : [email protected] Thanks. John
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    Site is Back Up!

    Good Work - I appreciate all your efforts! John
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    Wheels Air Pressure?

    I have a KVA and I run all tires at 26 lbs - since the GT40's bodies are so light! John
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    Does this look like an original car?

    Engine compartment looks like a replica - post pictures of the body! John
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    Newby with extra parts to sell

    Paul, Your engine seems to dramatically tilted downward toward the front of the car - does that cause a carburetion problem as the gas will likely drain toward the front of the engine in the intake manifold?
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    Need help with rear camera position.

    I mounted mine on the rear deck using a third break housing from another car! John
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    New GT40 build - GT40 Forte'

    I'm in Md. not far from DC John
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    GT40 MK3 Luggage box

    Great idea - except my mufflers sit in the space where you have your luggage box! John
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    Polycarbonate Side Window Scratch Removal?

    Dan, I need to replace one of my toll windows - it's on a KVA. Do you know a good place to buy a replacement? John
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    FS EU GT40 mk1 moulds for sale

    The plexiglas vents are actually Ok - I'm looking for some clear plastic hinges that mount them. John
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    FS EU GT40 mk1 moulds for sale

    I'm looking for some toll vents and hinges - would you have any of those? I have a KVA kit. John
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    CV Boots

    I dug up the info on my 930 boots - let me know if it helps: CV boots (Autozone P/N 1094) $40.20 CV Boot banding tool $15.45 CV Boot Bands (4) $9.37
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    CV Boots

    Does the G50 use the same boots as the Porsche 930? If so, I can lookup the info on my car? John
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    I once owned that body - it's a poor replica of the GT40. I promptly sold it off' It's what I call a poor man's replica. If it's complete, you might clean it up and list it on eBay to see what it will fetch.! John
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    Drivetrain Options

    You don't need a V10 in a 2,000 lb GT40 - it's overkill. A small block would do fine. I'm running a 350 Chevy bored and stroked (450 HP) mated with a Porsche 930 transaxle. John
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    Ken Miles' MKII From Ford vs. Ferrari

    One thing I didn't like about the movie was that it failed to show the development of the GT40 - all the decisions that led to mid-engine choice are missing - the car just magically shows up at the airport. Also, no credit is given to Ken Atkins who developed the molds for the body. John
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    As I think back on the movie, a major omission was that it did not show the work that went into designing and building the car. For example, when and how was the decision made to make it mid-engine. Also no credit was given to Kevin Atkins who designed the body and built the molds. The car just...
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    Went to see the movie yesterday - I was the only one in the theater so I'm not sure how movie sales are going! I would rate the movie as very good John