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    SPF GT40 - CAMBER/CASTER/TOE/HEIGHT Recommandation

    Hello. Could you send me your wheel alignments specs for your SPF GT40 please ? I've tried Spf specs listed in the Spf's doc provided with the car but .... I'm not satisfied at all. I feel 'floating' on Front wheels and steering wheel above 45/50 mph. I have Avon CR6ZZ (215 front and 295 rear)...
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    Spf 2317

    Hi Ron, Following your post since the beginning I was wondering what is the small aluminium box at the rear of your left fuel tank ? Is it an intermediate small fuel tank (as I have on my GT40) ? How did you connect your 2 fuel pumps ? One on each fuel tank ? or both on your left fuel...
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    Front bearing adjustment

    That's it Markus / Rick thanks for your replies. 8000 miles since modifications and all is still ok. Just for a remind (but many of you already know that) Timken bearings must have a minimum wear (mustn't be tighten with no wear). From my side to adjust them i've tighten them (no wear)...
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    Front bearing adjustment

    Hi Chris, Just seen your post about bearings.. Superformance has undersized front and rear bearings so you'll have to replace or adjust them frequently. There's no problem for US roads but as you know on European roads with many curves and sometimes bumps/holes, bearings suffer on GT40...
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    Le mans classic 2018

    When you come here, use a coyote or Waze, they are very useful tools !! To avoid mobile trap never drive on motorways or major roads, only drive on small roads which are very nice with GT40 or Cobra (plenty of curves, cross of beautiful typical villages, nice restaurants,...). Of course it's...
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    RHD Shift Linkage

    Hi Richard, Did you get a reply about your question ? If no I can check in my car if you want (4/5 screws to remove the linkage cover). OliveR
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    SHOCKS Question

    Again thank you guys. After discussing with QA1 technician I've placed my order for the followings: - QA1 - DS401 single adjustment shocks - QA1 - 9HT550 2,5"I/D - 9" springs OliveR
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    SHOCKS Question

    OK thank you very much. Msg sent to QA1. I'll post the ref they'll send me. OliveR
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    SHOCKS Question

    Ok thanks guys. Do you have the exact ref of the QA1 (single adjustment) - Front please ? If not I'll send an email to QA1 sales department. OliveR
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    SHOCKS Question

    Hello, I'd like to replace my front shocks (MK2 P2193) but I want to keep my springs. In fact since I own the car I had 2 different shocks at the front. One was longer than the other. Is it normal ? Maybe (weight of the driver on the right) but I'd like to know if anybody has the same...
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    What Size CR6ZZ AVONs are you running?

    Hi Gary, I run 215 Front and 295 Rear. Very good tires on GT40 (best ?). This tires are used here in europe by every historic racing cars meaning that they are very good on roads and race tracks. Be careful with 225: I've tried 225 on my SPF and the car was a bit higher on the front (bad...
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    Parking Brake Adjustment

    Hi Dave, Well you may have a problem with your parking brakes ??? mine works very well even in high slopes !! and I have the factory kit ! OliveR
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    Quaife and SubFrame Interference

    Humm I went to Irvine in 2014 and met all the team of Hillbank. I understood that they well know selling cars... but technically ???? If you want call Geoff Booth or Simon McCann at Quaife in England (00 44 1732 741144) they work at the Technical Sales and can give you details/info about...
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    Quaife and SubFrame Interference

    Hi Tim, For the crossbar that you're going to cut to install the ZFQ, I didn't add any additional support and nothing has moved since I've done it. The rear frame just support the rear body which is not heavy and the luggage box (if you have them). Concerning the oil pump on the ZFQ.. I...
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    Quaife and SubFrame Interference

    Tim don't forget to install the Quaife oil pump at the rear of the gearbox... or in 6500/7000 miles you'll have to replace the crown wheel + pinion (3500$) I had the problem.... (thanks Quaife !) OliveR
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    Quaife and SubFrame Interference

    You're right Tim you have to cut the top horizontal crossbar. No choice.. It's impossible to install the ZF quaife otherwise. OliveR
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    SPF Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement

    Hello all, After spending many times on my wheel bearings too (I posted on this forum all modification I've done (sleeves / bigger and larger wheel bearings)) I've modified my uprights by making holes (see picture below) in order to be able to revove easily the bearings next time. It's...
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    Thank you Ian. I sent an email to Roy I'm waiting for his answer now. ROBY427
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    Hello, Anybody know where I can buy a left spotlight cover in UK for my SPF GT40 please ? SPF can provide it but it takes long time and shipping is very expensive for a so light and small part. Thanks, ROBY427
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    Calling Quaife ZFQ Owners - Speedo Connection

    Hi Richard, I own 2193 and i have no adapter at the back of my speedo and the cable is not too short to be connected to the zfq. Nevertheless my speedo is a smiths (clockwise) so could you send me the reference number for the adapter please ? The needle doesn't stop moving up/down du to the...