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    ***SOLD*** 1997 GTD40 FOR SALE UK ***SOLD***

    Hi The GTD40 is now SOLD. Steve
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    ***SOLD*** 1997 GTD40 FOR SALE UK ***SOLD***

    Hi link to short video of GTD 40 for sale. Steve
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    ***SOLD*** 1997 GTD40 FOR SALE UK ***SOLD***

    Hi This is a link to a 2 minute video of the GTD40. Sorry link does not work. Will try to repost. Steve
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    ***SOLD*** 1997 GTD40 FOR SALE UK ***SOLD***

    Hi Chris Send me a PM. The car is advertised on Cars and Classics. Regards St eve
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    ***SOLD*** 1997 GTD40 FOR SALE UK ***SOLD***

    Hi Ken Car is SORN at the moment. Could do a video walk around with engine running if you are interested or you could just come and view the car. I have many more pics I can email you. i am near Peterborough so pretty much in the middle of the country. Steve
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    ***SOLD*** 1997 GTD40 FOR SALE UK ***SOLD***

    This GTD 40 was ordered as a specific project by the previous owner and hand built to the highest specifications. The project was commenced in 1996 and the car was assembled under the direct supervision of Ray Christopher, managing director of the company and designer of the GTD 40. The plan was...
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    FS EU LeMans Grill sets

    Hi Andy KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. I will have a full set when ready.Let me know cost including delivery. Have great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Steve
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    Who is the manufacturer of these rear vents?

    Hi Andy I would also like a set of these to fit a GTD. Regards Steve
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    Set Southern GT front wishbones

    Hi Mike I would like these. Can you box them up and I will arrange collection. How would you like payement, I can do bank transfer or Paypal. Steve
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    Tan/orange ignition wires?

    Does this link help.
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    WEBER 48 IDA'S Help needed

    Hi I had an in depth conversation with Frank Catt today about the installing of the Webers and the fuel system to support them. What a helpful and knowledgeable person. It seems the ideal fuel system is a Swirl pot and full return system the same as an EFI system but at low pressure. I was...
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    WEBER 48 IDA'S Help needed

    Hi Thanks for your help with this. The GTD40 was registered in 1997 so not sure what the emissions test would be. Although there is an engine number in the log book, I have not been able to get a build date. I will have to remove the starter and get the block casting number for this. I have sent...
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    WEBER 48 IDA'S Help needed

    Hi All I have a 351w engine bored and stroked to 390 cu in with ported Allen Root heads (1.95 inlet/1.65 exhaust). Camshaft is a 290 deg Competition Cam, pistons TRW Forged with a 11.5 to 1 compression ratio. It is currently running 480hp on a 4 barrel Holley. I am planning a Weber 48 IDA...
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    New GTD40 owner

    Hi My name is Steve Rivett and live near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England. My plan on retirement was to build a GT40 replica but I got caught by the Mazda FD3S RX7s. Owning 1 myself 380 bhp and rebuilding over 50 rotary engines over the past 6 years. Now 71 years old I left it too late...