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    Car Insurance Help Please UK - Adrian Flux Beware

    I’ve used Backford Bloor when I was building the cobra- I think they are now M R Bloors now.
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    AP mk1 twin turbo

    the supplier in Portugal now makes a module that is GPS based to automatically adjust the assistance based on the vehicle speed
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    Hydraulic clutch tube size?

    I’ve had -3 clutch line on the cobra for years and had to live with a heavy clutc. Just changed to a -4 and it’s reduced the effort so worth doing. as others have said, the clutch is all about moving fluid rather than pressure. -4 all the time.
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    Smiths Fuel Guage Issue

    Do you have the voltage regulator in gauge circuit
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    Engine dies when clutch operated.

    As you have taken the bulkhead out, it would be easy to measure the crank end float whilst operating the clutch, assuming you have a dti
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    JP Is the pump switched on and off when the brake is being operated, or does the brake switch it on and then the pump runs until max vac is reached? did you try it as a booster for the manifold vacuum or is the pump the sole source of vacuum? does the system hold vacuum or is the vacuum zero...
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    Gt40P2236 salvage- drive carefully

    Saw this posted on the uk cobra club web site, anyone know the history. Looks like LHD, which is odd for a uk car. Hope the occupants were OK, looks like a bad one FORD GT Drive safely everyone Roger
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    Coys GT40 'Evocation'

    Was sold at the Autosports International show at the NEC today. Can't remember exactly but think it was £75k, may have been £77k. :shocked: Other than that it was a good show.