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    '40 Front/Rear clip locaters

    Do you still have a set of clip locators ? If not do you know where i could get a set please [email protected]
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    Southern GT - top blokes!

    Thanks Graham I think so :thumbsup:
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    Southern GT - top blokes!

    I couldn't agree more Its great to here all the good things about Mick and Adam and very reassuring knowing that I will be collecting my Southern GT40 kit in the next couple of weeks .:thumbsup:
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    identify gearbox

    look at this link on ebay it has a bit of information RENAULT 21 GEARBOX (CODE NG9001) 2.1 TD FROM A 1992 VEHICLE RENAULT 21 GEARBOX (CODE NG9001) 2.1 TD 92 on eBay (end time 18-Oct-10 13:33:08 BST)
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    Location of counter weight on flex plate

    I have just sent my flexplate to Mike Sollis at southern gt40 so he can remove the weight and fit it to my billet fly wheel for my 347. if you contact him I think he would send a picture of the weight location before he removes it [email protected] or...
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    CAM help

    Hi Mike is that Mike Huddart as in Huddart engines ? well yes i would like your help please i will also be needing a ECU to set it all up eventually . i am a total novice in this area
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    CAM help

    Thanks Jim i have contacted comp cams a couple of times now and each time they have recommended different cams ? and both have recommended cams for 1986 up where my block is a 1971 so have contacted them to clarify about if they fit but no response as yet after several attempts
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    CAM help

    i have gone with shorter rod and pin to eliminate oil ring intersection stopping oil burning problems .The cr can be lowered with a thicker head gasket (copper 0.0061 will give 10.015cr ?) i will also be using super unleaded (98 ron)plus alloy heads will help
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    CAM help

    Hi all this is the first time i have posted on here .Im planning on building a Southern GT40 from mike sollis at southern GT . i am in the early stages of getting bits and bobs together and working on my engine which is where i need a recommendation on the HYDRAULIC ROLLER CAM i will be using...