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    PM me with what you have.
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    New Transaxle Option?

    I'll just take a complete car "Thank You"
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    Silly short about my build

    Great video, fun to watch.
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    twin front hood vents wanted

    Call Safir ( see ad for Safir above) and talk to Bob Wood and he will mold what your looking for.
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    Hi-Po Heads

    I'm looking for a set of 1965/67 Hi-Po heads # C50E-A in any condition. Thanks, Ellis Hubbard
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    What's better than one GT40?

    What's better that one, how about two or three or even four ? Had five but I sold one.
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    GTD knock on wheels?

    I have 6 revolution wheels.
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    GTD40 Build manual PDFs

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    Cincinnati Car Enthusiast

    Hi Jordy, Welcome, I'm on the west side of Cincinnati and I also like GT40's.
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    Flywheel fitting ZFQ bellhousing

    Safir has a small (original) fly wheel about 11" dia with 142 teeth. They adveryise on GT40s,com.
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    New cars

    RIP Charles F. Seabrook II. Charlie is in the Drag Racing Hall of Fame and all of his cars have lots of horse power. Charlie was a friend and I purchased three (3) cars from his estate. The GT40 is chassis GT40P1137 and has 750hp. The Superformance PB Coupe is chassis 0067 and has 701hp. Last is...
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    Great photos, I plan to go next year. I guess I need to make MY ROOM RESERVATIONS NOW.
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    z-f bell housing steel or aluminum?

    Safir sells a bell housing (cast aluminum) and clutch assembly (twin plate) with a fly wheel as used on the original GT40s. They advertise on
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    Actually Safir built 41 cars. They built and sold two chassis with the same serial numbers, JWA GT40P1093. I own one of these chassis as well as GT40P1097 and also one of the two Tennant chassis JWA GT40P1126. The other chassis (1127) was turned into FAV GT40P1005.
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    First Place

    Hi Mike D. go to for another 80 or so photos of the GT40. Thanks, Ellis Hubbard
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    First Place

    I had a good day yesterday June 12, 3016. At the request of a friend I entered my GT40 into the premiere car show in Cincinnati Ohio. It was the 39th annual Concours d'Elegance held at Ault Park, benefiting juvenile arthritis. To start with the five (5) GT 40's were moved from the rear of the...
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    Thanks Doc but I need the 427 drawing.
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    Can someone furnish me a drawing with the hole locations dimensions on the surface between the block and bell housing ?
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    1/2 gt40 mkv

    Lee, the deal that I made with Safir to get a replacement chassis (GT40P1097) was that I had to destroy the old chassis. By cutting it in half I satisfied my commitment to destroy the chassis. I do plan to hang the wrecked half on the wall beside the 1/2 car. I'm not sure how Peter Thorp will...
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    1/2 gt40 mkv

    My new project is to make a wall hanging out of a wrecked GT 40 MK V chassis (chassis GT 40 P1097). The car was wrecked in 2000 at Moroso Park in West Palm Beach Florida. I bought the wreck in August of that year and had Safir Engineering build a new replacement chassis for the car. I rebuilt...