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    MKIV to be Auctioned at Mecum Kissimmee

    When were there four J car bodied cars like the history says above? True four J car Chassis were built; not J car bodied cars. According to Ronnie Spain J-1 was the breadvan that appeared only at the 1966 Le Mans Trials in April it never raced. it was J-2 that crashed while testing at Riverside...
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    Gulf Livery no.6 Le mans

    Mike the picture in this publication is not of P/1075 Its Bell & Colvell (Martin Colvell) P1084.
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    A new GT40 Enthusiast club representative for the Netherlands.

    Great looking car JP I like gold MKII's. I hope it gives you a lot of pleasure.
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    Early 351 use

    Not A 351 but Rob Walker entry I think it was P1004 try to enter the 1965 with a 5.3 litre /325 engine and had to replace it with the 289 . Should be in Ronnie's book.
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    What are all the abbreviations?

    The definitive nose was designed by Len Bailey in 1965 It first appeared on the FAV Linden Green P/1006 at the 1965 Le Mans. MkI did have snorkels periscopes on them. Alan Manns Lightweights in the 1966 season had them. Some MKI were supplied with MKII rear clamshell See Ronnie Spains book GT40...
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    Lola GT - The DNA of the Ford GT40

    Your missing out all those at FAV, Shelby, Kal Kar, Holman and Moody, Alan Mann, Bruce Mclaren, Richard Attwood, John Ethridge, Roy Lunn, Ken Miles Phil Remington and Len Bailey to name a few. There were so many Test drivers, Drivers and mechanics and designers Its not a one man show!
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    Vic Elford

    RIP He was a great driver.
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    Good article on the Originals - Including the "failed" MKIII

    Larry I got some of my info from Ronnie Spains "GT40" GT40 M3 /1101 LHD PROTOTYPE GT40 M3/1106 LHD GT40 M3 /1102 RHD PROTOTYPE GT40 M3/1107 LHD GT40 M3 /1103 RHD GT40 M3 /1104 LHD GT40 M3 /1105 LHD
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    Even more success!!!

    Congratulations on Mark Boyers getting his IVA. Summer is coming. Best wishes Allan
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    RIP Bill Wonder
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    Mk4 research

    See if you can find James Allingtons cutaway of a MKIV that he did for Shell. Mike Tenskie was invovled with the continuation MKIVs. Regards Allan
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    Mk4 Dimensions

    I do not know if this is any help but you could contact the Henry Ford Museum where J-5 the 1967 Le Mans winner is kept. I have Ronnie Spains book and his figures are not yours. Regards Allan
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    ID tags

    I think you will find that when Eric Broadley was hired by Ford He was not involved with Lola during this time. So no Lola involvement in the Ford GT40 project. Even though Lola moved to 826 Yeovil Road and FAV were 827 Yeovil Road. Sure Lola continue to make cars; but no direct competitor to...
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    Alan Mann GT2 Markings?

    Hi BenL I make spelling mistakes and cannot correct them due to the time limit on editing. Allan
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    Alan Mann GT2 Markings?

    Hi BenL I looked at Ronnie Spains book "GT40" and AMR 2 as Ronnie said Alan Mann called them was devoured of any white stripe markings as far as I can tell and mind you this picture is Monochrome picture. It was red with the gold centre stripe outlined with a dark? edge I hope this helps Allan
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    Nose color

    I have read the great "GT40 anthology" book by John Allen and Graham Endeacott. John Allen says that the seal stripes on G/101 were dark blue.(not Black).This might have something to do with the colour Photography at the time. Allan
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    Nose color

    Claude Nathaune (Sorry about the spelling) made a receation of GT/101 the 1964 prototype I saw it at Goodwood and it locked Matt Black . When I asked him the coulour he assured me it was a Matt Dark Blue.
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    Congratulations on getting through your IVA test.
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    Nose color

    I do not think it was Shelby Blue because that was either on his 1965 cars Guardsman Blue or according to my friend John Allen Caspian Blue. But FAV was formed before Shelby took over racing in 1965 and the Big Blocks in 1965 could be a Shelby colour but the 1964 prototype was a dark Blue with...
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    Dave Morton

    Sorry for this belated response RIP Dave Morton