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    Headlamp fixings

    Since I have been asked about fixing headlights I though I would offer my solution and pictures. I used were Marchal headlights. The locating tabs on the lights were drilled out and tapped to M6 so that I could adjust the lights from the front. The M6 bolts were located on the fibreglass using 2...
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    Southern GT - Fog lamp wiring diagram ?

    The rear foglights should only be able to be turned on when on dipped or main beam. If the dipped or main beam is turned off then the fog light should also turn off and not turn back on with the headlights unless activated. They should be on a separate circuit to the headlights although...
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    Well done, I am close to having my first IVA test so quite nervous...
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    Radiator Bleed Setup Question

    I am building A SGT and have put a brake line hose from the top of the radiator to the header tank as recommended by Mick
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    SouthernGT Number 18

    Congratulations: I am a few years behind you!
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    New here. What GT40 kit to go for and papers for the kit

    I am in the process of building a Southern GT. Early days so far but I would have no hesitation in recommending them. Mick and Carol are based in Southampton, UK.
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    SGT #49 build

    Hi Shaun, I am going to try to do a build log, we will see! I have opted for a ZFQ gearbox as being more original. The engine I have yet to decide on. Let’s definitely stay in touch
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    SGT #49 build

    Hi, I agree, the set up at SGT is great and Mick and Carol are brill. I am based near Guildford and need to go more regularly to the local enthusiasts club. Best Alex
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    SGT #49 build

    Hi all, So I have embarked on the build of Southern GT #49. It has been a long time in planning. Mick, of course, has been great as I work through panelling the space frame and I am now looking forward to the next bit (once I have done the cockpit and the front!