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    Need help with Renault un1 gearbox

    I need some help getting a clutch release bearing and a starter for my GT40 project. I have a Renault 3.44 diff modified gearbox. The serial number is 7700599238M. The clutch release shaft looks to be 30 mm. What release bearing fits this model? Also the kit came with billet flywheel ORG...
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    Gt-40 front nose fuel clearance

    1. How much has to be trimmed from the bottom of the fuel filler area for clearance around the fillers? mk1 Thanks, Bill
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    Need pictures of door interior

    I think I don't have the door interior handles and lock but don't understand what they look like or where they are to go. Could I get some pics of your doors? Thanks
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    MK1 Do all gt40s have roll bars?

    I am building an existing MDA kit but it does not have a roll cage. I am wondering if it should have one for roll support or does the windshield give it stiffness?
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    GT40 Mk1 body alignment procedure

    I remember reading someone's very detailed procedure of what they did to align the body panels on their build. Of course, I can't find it now. Do you guys have any preferred methods or can point me in the right direction?
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    MDA in West Virginia

    Hi guys glad to have jumped in with both feet but I am really going to need some advice. I bought the MDA GT40 from Jim in Ohio. I will start a build log soon. Right now I could use help on how and where to run the electrical harness. Thanks, Bill
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    How did you run the wiring cleanly MDA

    I have an MDA GT40. Left hand drive. Got the wiring harness all labeled but I am not sure how and where to run it through the car for the cleanest look? Pictures would really help.
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    MTD new owner'

    I bought the MTD in Ohio. Was wondering if there are other MTD owners out there that I can get help from when I need to ask a question
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    Hello from wv another locust guy

    I built a locost 7 from scratch using a Kawasaki 1100 engine built mainly for autocross. I enjoyed the experience so much that I have a gt 40 build in my future. I have a friend within 30 miles that built one but I never really thought I would. But I want to build a car that is are to see...
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    anyone got a project close to Mrytle Beach, SC?

    Thinking of starting a project - I will be in Mrytle Beach next week. Looking for info Thanks, Bill