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    QA1 shock add-on

    Researching the QA1 shocks that are on my SLC I came across this option that I never heard of. WIRELESS REMOTE ADJUST SYSTEM QA1 Wireless Remote Coilover Adjust System PRI 2010: QA1 Wireless Remote Adjust System, Camaro & Mustang Struts - Street...
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    New track/ race car NP01

    Stumbled across this, NASA and Elan are putting this car on the market for about 65k THE Elan NP01 | The NASA/Elan NP01 - NASA PROTOTYE (NP) SERIES Comments?:shocked: :huh: :idea: :thumbsup: :laugh:
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    Carbon Fiber sheets

    I'm working on the interior and was wondering if you guys could help me by guiding me to there favorite distributor for for carbon fiber sheets in the U. S. Also Any recommendations on thickness the panel for the center dash board area? Thank you in advance
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    MCO Questions

    I was looking at the RCR MCO and had some questions that raised my curiosity and might help answer some questions for future and past customers: 1) I’m trying figure out the origins of the VIN # and how RCR came up with it. It appears that the prefix is obvious with the manufacture...
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    Ideal Gearbox gear ratios

    I have been banging my head endlessly trying to move from paper to reality to find the ideal gearbox ratios for a SLC, this application is intended for the street 90% and tracking on the weekends the other 10%. I plan to use a stock LS3 that may be upgraded with a cam at a later date, so max RPM...
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    Greetings from Northern Virginia

    Hello to all My name is Tom I have been wanting to build a kit car for the last couple of years and would be very interested in meeting other people with common interests in the Northern Virginia area and see your works of art or works in progress. I am becoming very serious about building a RCR...