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    Caddy Coupe CTSV or something like that

    It has been awhile since I've posted. I still lust after a GT40 but 1 1/2 years ago got side tracked with a future Detroit collectible. Even though GM won't release production numbers later than the 2009 CTS-V, past numbers were around 1900 with only 1 in 10 being the 6 speed manual. I bought...
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    My dark, knuckle dragging, off topic side.

    101 Fun Run SoCal T's Escondido and Encinatis, CA Weather was typical Med Coast, low 70 to low 80's with morning marine layer. Big difference from the humidity of the Bash in Arkansas. If I had to live in a city, it would be San Diego. Bill and Linda (hope I got the names correct) are a very...
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    Need some history on SPF MK II P 2176

    I can not find any history on this Superformance MK II P-2176 (I think, photo was blurred). It is on a Salvage Title. Running a Keith Craft 427 sbf, paddle shifted, and twin turbo by DallasPerformance. System design is so good that with only 18 PSI boost on 93 octane, managed 1059.3 rwhp. It has...
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    Dean Lampe's RCR GT 40

    Does anyone know who bought it? The new owner doesn't appear to be active on any of the forums.
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    Sat June 11th Speed's Diner, Plymouth, CA

    Any chance of seeing someone with their GT 40 at this low key event? All roads to Plymouth are smooth, lightly travelled, 2 lane highways. Post here any gathering of GT 40s in the Northern California area so that I can see your cars. The invite has been made to the Cobra folks, love to...
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    An easy pass

    just an easy pass on Hwy 88 going over the Sierras last weekend. This is my oddball engine built for torque down low, 516 lb/ft @ 2800. Generally never bother to go over 3500 rpms. on this one, typical speed up of the slower cars as they reach the...
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    Here to learn, want one

    Hi all, Name is Bob, located in Northern California. Have been into hot rods, muscle cars, and track cars for 40 years. Current ride weighs 1790 #, is a 1923 Ford Track-T, powered by a purpose built 383 sbc stroker, built for as much torque, as low in the rpm band as possible, 516 lb/ft @...