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    Ford GT embroiled badges

    Cab someone advise me where to find embroided badges of FORD GT (or GT40) ? Tx Grtz Fred
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    UN1 Output shaft on GTD

    I had a problem during race track yesterday. My right hand shaft connection with gearbox UN1 13 is completely turning lose at gearbox level. I have a GTD with UN1 13 Turbo gearbox and would like to know what Part numbers I need to order (Renault;Ford and part number ?) Herewith a pic what s...
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    3 Generations together

    3 GT40 Gulf of 1966-2006-2018 at a local reunion in Brussels this weekend.
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    Flywheel. Ford 302 short block . GTD

    Hi I need to replace my starter as broken. Can someone tell me the info about the flyweel and starter unit I need to buy ? I believe the flywheel is from a Ford V6 (standard GTD ?) ? Many thanks grtz Fred
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    Plug wiring

    What would you recommend to replace my spark plug wires ? SB 302 with Edelbrock heads and MSD electrical Usage is road but mainly track time . Rgds Fred
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    Clutch relase fork GTD40 Renault UN 1 13 box

    Anyone knows where to find one ? Myne is broken on top. Tx FRed
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    Steering rack GTD40

    I need to change the steering rack of a GTD built in 1987 Can someone help me with the type of rack I assume it eighter a Escort MK II or maybe a Granada MK4 Not sure but it is the standard GTD built. Many thanks Rgds Fred
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    Silent block SB302

    Need a silent block for SB302 bottom letft wich is broken. Engine is a SB302 dated 1971 and frame is standard GTD Mounthing. Can someone help where to find ? Tx Rgds Fred
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    Grand Prix Revival Nivelles Belgium 29Th June

    There will be an event organized by Formula Club in Nivelles end of June. We are already 5 GT40' who will participate for the 50Th anniversary of the GT40. If you would like to join, you are more than welcome. Note it is not a race and only a part of the old track will be used for the fun...
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    Driveshaft Renault UN1 13 to Ford Granada Hub

    Looking to replace my driveshaft (right) on my GTD40 with Renault UN1 13 gearbox and original Hub (granada). Pls reply if available and/or any ctc where I could find Many thanks Fred
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    Vintage BR wheels

    Searching for following wheels: Vintage wheels BR 17' Front: BR17 17' x 8' 110 mm backspace 1 piece Rear: BR17 17'x 10' 110 mm backspace 1 piece Both have PCD 112 mm Pls ctc me if someone has them for sale. Thanks Fred
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    Front light covers

    Looking for GTD40 front light covers. Crashed my car at Spa yesterday in Les Combes turn 8; Have some serious repair work to do in coming weeks .... Pls let me know if you know some for sale Tx Fred
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    MK III Sun Vizors

    Looking to find the origin of the sun vizors that were mounted on the original MK III. Any one who can help us to get this info or parts for sale ? Tx Fred
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    Rear Panel MK1 GTD

    We are looking for a rear panel MK1 to put onto a GTD. If someone has a good one, please revert. Tx Rgds Fred
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    Mk3 front and rear section KVA

    Looking for à front and rear section for à KVA MK3 (4 headlights, long tail version). Happy new GT40 Year! Fred
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    Avon cr6zz

    Looking for sale: CR6ZZ 215 60 - 15 CR6ZZ 295 60 - 15 New or used. Pls revert by mail. Tx Fred
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    Brake Pads Green stuff

    Hi I have Hi SpecCalipers on my car and was using Green Stuff lately. Good brake but quickly end of live on track days. I use my car regulary on tracks in Belgium and France. I am looking to replace to another type but would like to keep the brake grip on the road (when cooler). Any...
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    Weber 48 IDA jets

    I am looking to find 8 pieces of Accelerator Jet Pumps '40' for Weber 48 IDA. Anyone out there having them and pls specify cost. Many thanks in advance Fred
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    Front body part MKI/GTD

    i am planning to replace my front part as I had some unforeseen track day repairs .. Any one selling them for a GTD chassis ? Actual color is Gulf but no issue for color. Rgds Fred
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    FORD GT Stickers

    I am searching for stickers of around 2 to 3 inches of the same colors (white back ground and red and blue with Ford GT in the middle) as the one on the steering wheel. Ìs there anyone who could help me finding them ? Many thanks Fred