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    Input Shaft Alloy Advice

    I am mating a 1988 Lola Hewland Indycar gearbox to a stout Chevrolet V8 engine. Since I need to have a custom input shaft made, I have the opportunity to choose which alloy to use (4340 or 300M) for construction of the input shaft. Which alloy is preferable for this project, and why? Thanks, Jack
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    Mclaren M12GT at Goodwood video

    McLaren M12 GT on Track at Goodwood!!! - YouTube Jack
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    G50 transaxle identification

    Pardon my ignorance, but how is a Porsche G50 transaxle identified (as much as possible) from an exterior inspection? Jack
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    CHI 3V heads in SPF GT40

    Has anyone installed an SBF with CHI 3V heads in their SPF GT40? Will the SPF GT40 headers mate with this SBF/head combination? Jack Dunn