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    Need a bit of block plate help

    Greetings all, I am fitting the engine, a 351 W, to a Kennedy Engineering Adapter to connect my ZF ( not a Pantera box ). The inspection shield or block plate does not match the one I have, was wondering if anyone knows the plate that fits the Kennedy Engineering adapter. If this is common...
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    Tilt front end

    Hi, So, I am leaning towards the tilt front end. I don't plan on tilting it a lot, but when I do have to service the front end items, it looks to be easier. But, I have a concern with tilt approaches shown in builds in that they rest on the bottom lip of the nose. Would it be better to...
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    Impression of cancelling headlamps

    Hello again, There are a number of vehicle currently produced that cancel the headlamp on the side the turn signal is on. This is simple to do. I was wondering what you thought of this as a feature. Tru
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    I am using lighted rockers for switches. I was wondering if there are some "special" switches you have installed that are usefull? Thanks for any input. Tru
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    New to swirl pot

    So, I have two pumps that deliver 6 PSI each, left and right side. I also have a 6 port swirl pot. Eight thursty webers set to 3.5 PSI with a regulator at the frnt end of the fuel rail. Here is the question: the reg. will maintain 3.5 on the fuel rail and dump the excess from the pumps to...
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    Front lens fit - RCR

    So, I am not a body guy in any form of imagination. I was cutting the clear lens material for the head lamps and noticed the thickness of the body to the channel the lens fits into varies. This is on a RCR. The lens sits at the same depth as the body on most places - but there are some where...
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    Roll-over check valve

    Greetings, I am building an RCR and was wondering if any of you have put in check valves for fuel tanks such that if the car flips, a machanism stops the flow of fuel. If you have, can yoou share what you did? Thanks. Tru
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    New GT40 trans combinations?

    Greetings, Getting ready for a build using a 351W with a RBT ZF. Interested in gear combinations anyone is willing to share. Thanks Tru
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    Size makes a difference?

    Gentlemen ( and ladies ), If one were shopping for a GT and happened to be 6'5" tall, what would that person's options be? Is the RCR the only car a 6'5" tall person could fit in? :D :D
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    Any Info on the Romeo 605?

    Has anyone used the Romeo 605 in their 40? If yes, was it hard to bolt up and make work or were there issues? :D :D
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    What music do you listen to while driving your car?

    What is the best music to listen to...other than exhaust tones, while you are driving you car? Tell us what you have racked into your MP3 player or on CD that you play while driving. :D :D :D