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    Corvette C5 suspension 3d cad

    Hi, I'm planning using corvette c5 front suspension for my project...did anyone out there have corvette c5 upper an lower arm 3d cad
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    inverting audi 01E

    Hi I'm looking information about to mate a 01E tranny with a northstar engine If the northstar rotation seen from the serpentine belt is CW, do I need to invert the tranny in order to have 6 forward gears, if so there is any issue with the trans oil???
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    04' Audi A4 transaxle diagram

    Hi!!! I'm planning to use this trans in my project, I just want to know if someone or a website have the dimensions for: bellhousing bolt patterns (dimensions) distance of mounting points I'm a solid works user, i like to render before fabricating
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    Audi A4 Transaxle mated to Northstar engine

    Hi... I already have northstar engine and it rotates clockwise (seen from serpentine belt). I'm planning mating this engine with a Audi A4 transaxle I just want to know if this engine will make the transaxle to rotate forward ????
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    Audi 4000 transaxle mate with Northstar

    Hi... Have anyone try to mate an Audi 4000 manual transaxle to a Northstar engine?? Is there in the market any other transaxele which fits a Northstar engine