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    Track Day Feeler - DC Area (Repost from Pantera Forum)

    Repost from the Pantera Forum - Original Posting Track Day Feeler - DC Area - Topic All, THIS IS A FEELER ONLY: IN ORDER TO DETERMINE AMOUNT OF CARS WHICH MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN ATTENDING - NO COMMITMENT AT THIS TIME Chesapeake Panteras is potentially looking at a track day sometime...
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    Alsa Soft Touch Paint - Sample

    Does anyone know where you can get a sample, or a paint chip of the Alsa soft touch paint? Just need enough to know if its the way to go for my dash. Dave
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    LS7 Engine For sale - Near Complete Drop Out

    SOLD!!! Price Drop: 8500 Posting here in case there are any SL-C guys or a GTM lurker who might be looking for an engine. Asking 8500 USD for what you see below, I am located in Manassas Va. LS7 Engine from 2008 Corvette Z06 for sale. 12K Miles, all cylinders have compression within 4lbs of...
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    G96.50 Gear Linkage Positions

    Need some help. Dropped a G96.50 into my pantera, everything is mounted and good to go, but I'm trying to measure for the shift cables and absolutely clueless on which of the two linkages do what, and which gearbox linkage position calls which gear. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I...
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    FS USA Rebuilt ZF-1 for sale

    ZF-1 for sale. 0 miles since rebuild. Rebuilt, with all items needing replacement addressed. Ring gear safety wired. Case glass beaded and flanges painted. Box was rebuilt by Ron McCall. Have the standard 4 bolt 351c bell housing, and Zf to LS adapter for it from KEP. Box is set up for...
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    New guy from Va

    Hi All, I'm afraid I'm not really a true GT-40 guy, instead I'm doing a full resto on a '71 Pantera. Long term lurker, forum has a bunch of good information and wanted to join up. Thanks, Dave