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  1. bill kearley

    Ken's SLC build thread

    Very nice, I numbered mine as well.
  2. bill kearley

    2019 Formula 1

    That's when innovation wasn't scrutinised.
  3. bill kearley

    Seems I was Completely Off The Mark

    I think if you modified the exhaust you'd be a lot closer.
  4. bill kearley

    2019 Formula 1

    I think Vettel stepped over the line, just a bit. He knew what he was doing and took a chance and it backfired. I still like him, an asset to the sport. F1 can be a bore at times. This was a bit of entertainment.
  5. bill kearley

    GT40 Avenger

    Every ones cup of tea is different. You could hone your skills and find your limits on this one. Then, who knows. Have fun. Dave just said a lot.
  6. bill kearley

    Trailer - Need Recommendations / Advice

    I think I have the best of the bunch, bang for the buck. A 24 foot ATC with a side door, cabinets and I also installed a 4000# winch. I use the winch when loading only. The side door is about 7 feet wide and opens up as a sun/rain shade and allows you to open the car door, lots of room. I strap...
  7. bill kearley

    Dan's Build

    Dan, The comments I made re cranking issue are very old basics. The first thing to do you must confirm the rest of the system before you blame the starter. A thought I had is, what size engine is the starter you have designed for ? Is their a chance that a auto electrical component reman shop...
  8. bill kearley

    Dan's Build

    Re your cranking problems when hot. On a fully charged battery check the voltage drop and current draw. It should not go below 9.6 volt while cranking. A fully charged battery that reads 13v or better doesn't mean it can deliver the amps. Charge it and do a load test @ 3 times the amp rating for...
  9. bill kearley

    Help with parts to complete RF #36

    Look around on the site, I saw a windshield interchange chart about a month ago.
  10. bill kearley

    Camber advice please ( RCR40 ).

    No, reread post # 11, it' not that much work. Find an electronic angle gauge and a small laser ( there not expensive ). Jack it up and work of the rotor face for camber and toe with angle gauge. The toe can made spot on making reference points on the floor and a wall in front of the car. For the...
  11. bill kearley

    Bill's CAV #193 Build - Canadian Made

    Slacking of on the keyboard. A simple heat shield made, air filters, push on Borla/K&N, a wheel alignment, struts on the nostril Today was spent on a dyno. The first tune installed into the Holly HP was a mess. After starting from scratch today, I think I have an engine that can be driven on...
  12. bill kearley

    Camber advice please ( RCR40 ).

    If you can, lift the car off the floor and level, remove the wheels, shocks and springs. Get a good angle finder. set each hub at ride height with turn buckles in place of the shocks ( easy to adjust ) and adjust your camber,caster and toe.
  13. bill kearley

    Rogers SLC Build Thread

    Looks very nice. Please don't forget the road map
  14. bill kearley


    I'd love to see it with snow tires doing my driveway.
  15. bill kearley

    Michael's GT-R Build

    Yes, that's what I ment Michael cause I have one in a 2013 Boss 302, a nice car to drive with 444 addvert HP and a 4000 pound car. I'd love to try it in a 40. Paul, I think I saw somewhere that the intake has been installed backwards.
  16. bill kearley

    Ken's SLC build thread

    Look at post # 1 ( SLC at Road America ) Strut rod is straight ?
  17. bill kearley

    Michael's GT-R Build

    He went to the wrong address !!!!!
  18. bill kearley

    Ken's SLC build thread

    A new upper rod support would be best. Compression will bend the strut long before the rod end fails. I like to use rubber riv nuts in plastic!
  19. bill kearley


    They also make a nice clamp/jaw.
  20. bill kearley

    get the air out of brakes.

    Yup, You have to bleed both inside and outside top nipples. The best is to start with the farthest wheel from the master and work to the closest. That is the story from the old days before dual systems, but still holds true thinking that the front is one system is on it's own and so is the rear...