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    Southern GT chassis 15

    I have now finished building my Southern GT and I would like to thank Mick (and Adam and Stevie) for all their help and encouragement. Even when I asked the same damn fool question 3 times they were helpful and not in the least bit dismissive. You get what you pay for, and with Southern GT you...
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    Which trailer to transport a GT40?

    Does anyone have any experience (good or bad!) of trailering their 40? How wide should the load bed be? Is it possible to get out of the car if you have an enclosed trailer? It seems that a tilt bed is desirable to overcome the ground clearance problems when loading forwards, or am I being a...
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    Taken the plunge

    Hi, my name is Neil. I've just finished and IVA'd a cobra and found that I've been bitten by the car building bug. What next? The Ultima is a very professional package and certainly goes, but somehow doesn't look quite right to my 50+ eyes! GT 40 manufacturers seem to be coming and going...