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    Anyone have a booster pack?

    If you can hook 2 batteries in line and it cranks you need a bigger battery. I went with a 1100.cca and it starts every time
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    CamT's build thread

    Download a DB meter on apps Sound Meter Abc Apps
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    Mating an O1E Transaxle with a 302SBF

    RCR in this forum makes them.
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    Flowmaster DBX mufflers

    On my car I have the long brace on the left side going to the transaxle mount not to the bottom crossmember.
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    GT-R #14

    I LIKE IT.
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    Rcr 962

    Some states let you run out of state tags if you pay a fee.
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    Graz Slave cylinder shim?

    Sounds like air in the line. How did you bleed it?
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    New canards

    Any updates on the canards?
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    SLC Hubs/ race worthy

    I went with Stoptech 6 pistons on mine. I tried the C6Z Corvette brakes but I had a mounting problem. I think it was the off set. Ed
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    SLC 24 Howard Jones

    Car looks good on the track
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    SLC Hubs/ race worthy

    It looks like the axle stub ends before it goes through the bearing putting all the pressure on the smallest part of the bearing . That's plan to see. If the stub axle went past the the fracturing point it would take stress off the hub at that point. Is it possible to do that?
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    SLC 24 Howard Jones

    Will the stub shaft from the SLC race car work with our axel
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    SLC 24 Howard Jones

    Is the braking point at the end of the axel?
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    SLC Hubs/ race worthy

    Will it work with a independent rear?
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    SLC Hubs/ race worthy

    I will post on my FB Edwin Davis Fairfax Va
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    SLC Hubs/ race worthy

    I posted pictures of a race hub that Raver uses on there car. FB Superlite builders
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    Watch SLC at Summit Point Live

    4/21 I am going to try to broadcast from Summit Point on Periscope. It's a app that you can download on your phone free. If you have not use it download turn it on and go to the picture of the earth click then find Summit Point it's in West Virginia. If I am live there will be a red dot over the...
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    SLC Hubs/ race worthy

    I will take as many pictures as I can of the car and suspension.
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    SLC at the track this week end

    NASA Will and I are are going to drive up 1 day.