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  1. nota2266

    GT40 Chassis 111

    It is a frank wigg tub not a Safir. The car is now Owned by a bloke in France , he is attempting to obtain HTP papers for it I have not heard from him for some time
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    Goodwood Revival Schedule

    I will be there and will have unrestricted access so I will post plenty of photos
  3. nota2266

    Chassis identification

    Jac Mac, yes that is a wigg chassis , however I would suggest Frank did not build this one. All of the chassis that he built were completed not half done as this is
  4. nota2266

    Chassis identification

    Have not been here for a while. yes it is a frank wigg chassis. the car you have was built many years ago and advertised for sale as GT 111 , I have some photos that i can post when it was advertised as GT 111. The chassis is reasonably OK, however, the rivetting was not done correctly...
  5. nota2266

    Slave Cylinder/Release Bearing for ZF DS25-1

    you may also find that the release pressure for a twin plate clutch is less than for an equivalent single plate clutch
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    dash photos 1063 road car with LH and RH fuel gauge . Road cars only had one SW 240 A pump lever on RHS to operate indicator and hi or low beam is BMC mini , with push button on end for horn or brake lamp
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    dash photos 1034 current single fuel gauge swaps over depending on which pump is operating so if LHS pump operating it shows contents of LHS tank
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    dash photos 103 when owned by Bill Wonder
  9. nota2266

    WTB Lucas L534 side marker lights

    They were also used on Range Rover for rear number plate lamps. Black painted finish
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    Amazing replica for sale in New Zealand

    not a Frank Wigg car although I believe he still has one of same colour
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    SPF Suspension/Steering Parts Drawings

    I would appreciate a set thank you adcoteng at
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    got a # plate

    Thanks for the comment Jim and Darrell Trevor
  13. nota2266

    Stewart warner fuel pump

    that would be me, i did play around with a modern switch, however, it was not what I would call reliable, In the end I rebuilt the original switch -- carefully I might add. Charley farley has parts and service is good do a search on this forum and you will find the rebuild procedure
  14. nota2266

    Brockbank GT40 Cartoon

    driving by the seat of his pants -:))
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    RCR Ferrari P-4 has entered the building

    F101AC engine used in 365 GTC and 365 GT4 with 6x 38DCOE carbs. 4400 cc Later model of this engine was used in 400. Same basic engine still used in Various V12 Front Engined cars
  16. nota2266

    Simple cad software or suite with space frame tutorial, recommendation??

    To do what you need will require a 3D modelling package, none of them are cheap and none of them are "plug and play" I can give you a name of a person in SA who can 3D model your frame. it will be far less expensive than you purchasing the 3D software. A 2D package of which there are many...
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    Earliest GT40 replicas?

    1972 Tasmania, Australia -- Noel McDonald. Commenced construction approx 1969.
  18. nota2266

    Which seat belt and why?

    I would check with the manufacturer about crossing over the crotch straps I might suggest that it may cause a level of discomfort in the event of the unforseen.
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    So what you are telling me Russ is that racing in the US of A is a mobile concourse. Goodwood 2011 - one Cobra did not make it thru PRACTICE let alone the racing part
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    so you dont race in the US of A ?