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    Door sill to bottom of door seal / sill kick plate advice please

    Hi, how have you fitted your bottom door sill seal and did you find or use a suitable sill protector / kick plate.
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    2018 NEC Classic Car Show pictures

    Pictures of some of the cars I liked at the show. Although when I told my wife we were going to sell her Fiesta ST to buy the Thunder Bird 2 recreation which is for sale, she strangely didn't share my enthusiasm. :)
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    NEC show pictures of GT40 Enthusiasts Club cars

    Eye candy :)
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    P / 1041 at the NEC Classic Motor Show

    Had an interesting conversation Mick with one of the engineers looking after the car about setting up IDA's. Turned out back in the day he was working near Lola and when they were busy and short of engineers he used to go over and help set up the carbs. Think I have found a useful future contact.
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    Carroll Shelby Goes Racing

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    Cars at the Manchester Classic Car Show

    Some pictures of the ones I liked :)
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    Classic card at Classic Le Mans

    Seeing if I can get auto picture resizing to work :)
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    Classic Le Mans 2018 Replica GT40's

    GT40 Replicas
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    Classic Le Mans 2018

    Few snaps for you Ian :) Videos 076 - YouTube 072 - YouTube 070 - YouTube
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    Tour Auto 2018 - DK Engineering & The GT40

    Tour Auto 2018 - DK Engineering & The GT40 - YouTube
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    UK Petition to stop Historic cars being scrapped

    Make it illegal for Historic Vehicles to be processed through scrappage schemes. - Petitions
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    Original GT40 B pillar

    I believe the B pillar on original GT40's was smooth and did not have the swage line of replicas. Was it smooth on the rear clip and the door as well (3 arrows in the picture).
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    Sill stripe paint mask required

    Hi I believe I need a paint mask for the sill stripes as below. Does anyone know where I can get one to produce the stripes and FORD lettering as per the picture below. Thanks Nick
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    1971 - Team Manager's Ford Escort race

    I got an email notification that the Jack Brabham Ford Escort Mexico is coming up for sale at a classic car auction. Read through the email to discover what it was all about, and came across an interesting story and video, of how they really used to enjoy themselves before money and winning...
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    Weber ida fire extinguisher nozzle positions

    Just wondering where the best position to place my fire extinguisher nozzles in the engine bay. Not sure where the most likely place for fires to start, was thinking pointing them at the 4 gauze's between the carbs, would this be correct.
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    Problems finding a suitable door seal

    I am having problems locating a suitable door sea for my Chris Melia bodied Southern GT. The lip for the seal is around 5-6mm as opposed to 2-3mm for other bodies I have seen. I have tried COH Baines in the UK to no avail.
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    Bolt name required please

    Hi, Need to buy some more of these but have forgotten their name.
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    GT40's at Manchester Classic Car Show

    Pictures and videos of the Northern Section GT40 Enthusiasts Club, taken on a phone so quality a bit iffy so turn up the sound ;) 002 - YouTube 003 - YouTube
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    Thoughts on 99008.990 weber Stack Screens

    Hi, Just looking for thoughts on 99008.990 weber Stack Screens as I have been told to throw them as far as I can.
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    Can you name these cars at

    Must admit never heard of 2 of them, although one I should have. Not for you Mike you were there, although you may have to remind me of the red ones name:)