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    Scott's RCR40 Build

    Here I go. I tried to read all the build logs and save links to all the great ideas. Hopefully, I can add to the knowledge base. Or maybe inspire others that they can build one too! Some particulars: ZF, SBF, Avons, BRMs. Color? too early but always liked P1036. It is now home in my garage...
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    RCR40 Adventure Begins

    After many years of contemplation along with an incredible visit to RCR, summer 2013, I finally did it...I placed an order for a RCR40 today! Now I have a few months to get rid a few race cars and prepare my garage for the build.
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    RCR Visit in July

    I finally made the trip to RCR last week (after years of dreaming) with my brother and automotive engineer friend. It was hard to get past the SLC front suspension on display in the reception area as our collective jaws hung in amazement! Vicki then encouraged us to move on to where it all...
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    RCR Visit - Finally!

    I have been a member of this forum since 2008 and have thoroughly enjoyed lurking about...but I have finally made the commitment to visit RCR on July 18 to checkout their GT40...and very much looking forward to it. Prior to the Hawk at Road America (where I raced the past 2 years and was a...
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    RCR-40 info

    I am contemplating an RCR-40. Are there any around the Houston area before I take the trip to Detroit?