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    UN1 Output shaft on GTD

    You've got a WhatsApp message. I am on P2 parking, campsite
  2. J

    UN1 Output shaft on GTD

    If its the Granada 100mm CV, Ill have those for sale as I don't use them. Bought them in error for a Capri driveshaft. I Have them listed on facebook marketplace. €110 for both (2 cv joints). I am at Spa Classic now for the weekend and can't help you till monday as I don't have them with me.
  3. J

    GT40 replica prices

    Thats a familiar Dutch car. It belonged to Bauke Tocus. He had it for sale for quite a long time. If that auction price is true, then he got half the price ( or less) he was asking for years.
  4. J

    Show me your fuel pumps please! - Carb fed engines

    Facet pumps only flow 20gph @ 7psi while the Holley Red does tripple that. Facets flow even worse when they get warm. In my experiance they are not up to the job, not even on a 3.0 V6 with thripple 40s. I have replaced so many Genuine Facet Blue tops by failure I lost count. Never again. On the...
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    Audi Quattro AWD

    Why not go for an Audi S6 with the V10 engine. Loads of power, very easy to tune to get way more ( atleast in Holland very easy to tune ) and all wheel drive. All the components to build a wicked car.
  6. J

    GTD front suspension settings

    Is there a rule of thumb for the GT40 replicas? A base thats pretty common on all?. I am rebuilding one of three KVA "B" chassis and offcourse there's no building manual or instructions.
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    Passenger Ride wanted for a lifelong fan...

    So dad did favour the GT40 over the comfy V8 Vantage. Thats the spirit
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    Silverstone Classic 2019

    Allready got my Retrorun tickets so we'll be there. Again with a Capri, the GT is far from finished.
  9. J

    Where does everyone live?

    The Netherlands. Central of it.
  10. J

    CAV Starter Motors on 302 but running an audi box

    This is what you'r looking for,
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    Edd China

    I must admit, I lost interrest with Ant as a substitute. The whole wheelerdealers was better with Ed. Mike Brewer, I have met him several times at Sileverstone Classic. He's a true sales man and don't know sh.t about the stuff he's dealing with. He can sell a fridge to an Eskimo but otherwise...
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    Spring rates for KVA cortina front end

    Dave I was asking spring length in Inches. I have 220lb, 10,5" free lenght up front. These 2¼"coil springs come usualy in free spring lenghts of 8", 9", 10.5", 12" & 14". a 220lb spring with 10.5"length will react differdend then the same rating on a 8" length...
  13. J

    Spring rates for KVA cortina front end

    Marcus & Dave, Would like to know your spring lenght as I know it affects spring rating. I am considering an upgrade to.
  14. J

    ZF Transaxle wanted

    What Ive heard on the track, you deffo don't want a Quaife as it will fail, faster than you think. RBT is the source for ZF gearboxes.
  15. J

    My Have Found A Coyote Intake Solution

    Steve, thats not how I would do it, it can not vent as you'r pulling from both valve covers. I would, like found on most cars.. A fresh air filter on one valvecover to let the air in ( sometimes found with a hose just before the aircleaner ) A hose with pcv valve to a catch can on the other...
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    mk4 for sale in Belgium

    Found this on Google: Ford commissioned Kar Kraft of Michigan, to substantially revise the model. The Brunswick Aircraft Corporation was contracted to provide honeycomb-aluminum paneling for racing tubs. With the relatively narrow cockpit, Kar Kraft was able to sharply taper the front glass at...
  17. J

    My Have Found A Coyote Intake Solution

    In my opinion, it doesn't look right at all. It's better looking with the OEM intake. Why not go for a custom made sheet metal intake with quad Webers, that would look as it should.
  18. J

    KVA "B" type chassis

    Apparently all 3 where build by Midland Car Restorations. One of the members from here spoke to a retired employe at the NEC a few months ago. That fella did remember they had build the "B". Paul recognised the details as in my chassis.
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    KVA "B" type chassis

    Till now, I got information, just 3 "B" 's are made by a British coachbuilder. All with Jaguar XJ uprights and suspension front & back. Front & rearhubs are XJ as are the brakes. Double rear shocks & springs as per XJ, up front it uses 1 rear shock assembly. Driveshafts are Jaguar. Gearbox is...