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    Mid-engine vette?

    ..." Although it'll bear the Corvette name, the hypothetical mid-engine C8 will be radically different from the car it replaces. " Go Back > GT40 Replica Manufacturers' Corner Reload this Page RCR Forum - RCR40/SLC/917/Superlite Aero <article itemscope=""...
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    Rights To The Saleen S7 & S5S Raptor Up For Sale As Company Hunts For Cash
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    SLC picture thread

    Superlite SLC Aspira
  4. Superlite SLC  Aspira

    Superlite SLC Aspira

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    Building Your Dream Ferrari Is A Beautiful Thing

    I luv the story and the car. Bravo!!
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    NEW SLC interior tub

    Any photos available of a finished SL-C interior using the new interior tub design?
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    SL-C in 1:12 scale

    Did this ever happen? Will this ever happen?
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    Anything new from the LMP1 race car family?

    Anything new from the LMP1 race car family or from anyone else's LMP1? Has the 11 LMP/Nemesis car done any races this year? Anything planned for them?
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    Ford Exploring Factory GTE Program, Prototype Options

    Pretty cool video of the new Ford GT
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    SLC picture thread

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    Rear radiators
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    SLC picture thread

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    New SLC Wiki

    Is the New SLC Wiki link posted as a sticky somewhere?
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    Fran, can't you guys come up with a plan to add that car to the RCR family?
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    CLP Motorsports Grand Opening Celebration, Car Show, Prizes, Live Band, BBQ. May 16th

    Re: CLP Motorsports Grand Opening Celebration, Car Show, Prizes, Live Band, BBQ. May Can't make it on the 16th, but I will see you guys next week. CLP Motorsports makes the RSR Superlite cars happen on the West Coast. That sounds like happiness to me.
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    V6 in sl-c???

    I think the answer to this V6 turbo engine over V8 or V10, is very simple. Would the current large super sportscar manufacturers being do anything with these new V6 turbo engines if the use of those engines wasn't forced upon them by government regulations? The answer: These V6 engines would...
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    Superlite Aero

    Sorry, didn't catch that on my first read. Looks like a true winner, Fran. Congrats!
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    Superlite Aero

    So happy to see this new car. This new Aero race car seems designed for either a certain racing class, or more probably the basis for a new full race car series? I love the idea. Is Superlite homologating the car's design for a certain organization's series or class using regular monitoring...
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    V6 in sl-c???

    The big sports supercar manufacturers are being forced by new regulations to go with V6 engines. Except for that small group who are hearing impaired, or love the feel of turbo lag, V8 engines reign supreme in the hearts of sportscar lovers. With the SL-C and with most RCR cars, the car owner...