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    Mk 1 Pedal Box

    doesn't the parts book give you the bolt size? from there its only going to be a few different nominal sizes that It could be.
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    Appendix Plate A - W

    Yes, they are the ones I thought you were talking about. The one with the fuel system shows the shorter tank on the port side of the vehicle. Some of the race cars look like they have an additional pipe across the top of the side sills. I still haven't worked out exactly where this goes, but...
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    Appendix Plate A - W

    These appendix plate's, are these from the parts books for the road cars?
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    Appendix Plate A - W

    How is the build/planning progressing David? Regards Ryan
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    FORD G.T. Steering Wheel Center Cap Font

    Richard, there is a good photo showing details in the back of the Haynes manual. Not sure if I can legally share a photo of it here.
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    Brake and Clutch Reservoirs on Original GT40s

    Been going through a bunch of photos again tonight, looking over stuff. I cant seem to find many photos that show where/how the brake lines were run on the originals. Trying to work out if i have missed something, if i have the right holes in the right locations.
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    Think you might be right James. just downloaded the image and had a play with the levels. Ryan
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    love the wheels, can you still get these?
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    any idea what the two dial/controls at the bottom of the door a pillar on the chassis are for?
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    Seattle Active Power GT40 - A Father/Son build

    what car is that crumpled one Peter?
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    Ryans Group Ten GT40 build - Body 5.

    Working on trying to close in the top of the pedal box area. Have started drawing up the pedal box mounts, have also done the pedal box casting as well. Not sure where/how I will get one at this stage. Problem for the future. Am now working on the roof of the foot well. Have a few things to go...
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    GT40 replica prices

    The percentage of properties that actually have a Garage is shrinking, or it certainly is around here. Your lucky to get a single car bay these days. As such the potential customers will certainly be seeking a very comprehensive offering if you are in the market.
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    Changing pedal location

    Mike I deleted the "-6" at the start of your second link and got it to work. I still need to be back through the notes I have and see if I can decipher a particular spec for these, or work out if they are replicable on the lower mounts. The top ones slide in from the front and are on a...
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    Changing pedal location

    I think there were termed "floating nut plates". there were probably to some aerospace/aviation specification. I haven't worked out which one yet. I'm not sure how you replace them if they get damaged either as it looks like they need to be installed as an assembly before the plate is spot...
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    Superformance GT40 - Assorted Parts See Inside

    Elliot, have you got a build diary to show what your up to with your car? I would like to see more of the changes you are making. regards Ryan
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    Mkii roof vent size?

    Mine just has a small dimple in the roof inner skin for an interior light in that spot. I cant recall ever seeing a shot of the inside of the roof on an original GT40.
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    Mkii roof vent size?

    what did these look like from the inside of the roof?
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    Mitch Krause's RCR GT40 Build

    keep going Mitch, sounds like a pain full story, I'm sure you will get there. We are all wishing you luck. (I'm going to have to read this build diary from the start again.) Ryan
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    Tail lights

    what did you get George, I have exactly the same problem having the same reflector housings stashed away.
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    SPF GT Wheel Spinner Issues (Early Cars)

    did the red ones go on the port side of the car or on the left hand threads.