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    Sandown Historic Race Weekend, Melbourne

    G’day everyone, This weekend is the Sandown Historic Race Weekend. Here’s a link with the details for anyone who’s interested. Victorian Historic Racing Register There is going to be a very quick RF in a speed comparison display as well as a static display of some outstanding...
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    Ford Australia’s 40th anniversary GT

    FPV, Ford’s performance arm in Australia have released the updated BF Falcon celebrating 40 years of the GT name in Australia. I find it rather disappointing that they have called it the GT 40th anniversary. Usually when an anniversary model is released, the numbers are before the name...
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    Street race ending in fiery crash. *Video*

    This was posted on another forum so I can’t take any credit for the find, however, I think many here will get a laugh. Cheers, Danny
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    Fully functional 1:3 scale Ferrari 312 PB

    This is a 5 minute video of a bloke who made this car, including the V 12 engine and trans. He's being interviewed by Jeremy Clarkson. Ferrari should be buying it and putting it on display. YouTube - Stunning Fully Functional 1:3 Scale Ferrari 312PB Cheers, Danny
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    E-mail notification

    G’day everyone. I’m unable to receive e-mail updates for subscribed threads and private messages. Also, I’m not sure if private messages are getting through. All of my details are correctly entered in the user control panel and I don’t have any problems on other forums. Any help would be...
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    Original GT40 For Sale XGT-3

    G'day everyone. Here's a MK II for sale in the USA. There's some great close up pics of the car. I still don't think I can afford it though. Motor Classic & Competition Corp. Cheers, Danny
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    G'day everyone

    My name's Danny and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I drive a petrol tanker and have driven trucks for the last sixteen years. I've been lurking around for a while and find the forums a great source of information. In the near future I plan to buy an RF 40. Ideally I'd like to have the project...