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    FS USA Original Pattern Radius Rod Adapters

    MKI Rear radius rod tube adapters. Complete set, right and left hand thread. Two sets available. Little bit of surface rust from sitting in my office for YEARS. $300/set
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    FS USA Original Pattern Parrots Beaks Body Hinges

    Pair of magnesium rear clip hinges. Powder coated to look oxidized. Correct part number cast in. Used on MKI and MKII. $300
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    FS USA MKII A 427 FE headers

    Original pattern headers made from Jigs made by Kenny Thompson. This is the very last set of 5 that I made around 2005. Super light .035" thick 2.25" diameter 321 Stainless steel. Correct angle merge collectors, correct mounting tabs, flanges, doublers etc. Expanded and lap welded...
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    FS USA Original Shafer Bearings

    I have one complete set of Shafer bearings for MKI suspension. MKII is the same, but does not use the bearing for the rear upper control arms. We paid Shafer to do a small production run, and this is the last set. Brand new, in the boxes. $2500
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    Chassis 1032 Restored and Back Home

    Hello all, We just completed our 4.5 year restoration of MKII chassis 1032. It is now back to as it was at the start of the 66 lemans race. To celebrate the end of this project, we displayed the car at the concours d'elegance at St Johns in Michigan yesterday. The car recieved two awards...
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    2011 Mustang 5.0L

    Hello all, long time, no see. I joined this forum back when I was in college. Some of you may remember my techno-babble engine posts. Well, once I started working in Detroit I decided to stay off of these boards. Well I just wanted to share what I have been working on for 3 years now...
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    427 FE MKIIA Headers

    I'm thinking about selling one spare set of MKII pipes (shown in thread link below). I'd like them to go to a forum member rather than ebay. $5500 plus shippin. Please email me...
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    MKII Headers

    I'd like to get rid of my prototype MKII headers. eBay Motors: GT40 MKII Bundle of Snakes Headers, Stainless Steel (item 180249699035 end time Jun-09-08 19:01:51 PDT)
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    MKII Headers: My 2006 Summer Project

    Hello all, long time, no see. This one is called our 2006 summer project because it is presented as a follow up to our little brake scoop project of similar title. In truth, this has been more like a one-year project. As I proposed in the previous write up, there are a few very special...
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    MKII Snorkel Scoops

    We have made a mold for MKII scoops. The material and construction method can be found in This Post. We would be willing to make a few extra sets to help pay for the mold. $400 plus shipping Adam
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    MKII Rear Brake Scoops, my summer project

    Well I call it my summer project because it began sometime in June I think. Like many things however, it went over timeline and over budget, but what a learning experience! I thought I would share my first real experience in fiberglass. Although I have helped out on making parts, and have...
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    Webber inlet flow study

    Since I am basically snowed in, and recently got acces to a CFD package, I thought I would do a little investigation into the inlet side of everyones favorite form of fuell addition, the webber carb. CFD stands for Computational Fluid Dynamics, or as one of my proffessors likes to call it...
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    T44 Bellhousing

    I am currently looking into copying an original T44 bellhousing and have located a foundry that can make new castings in AZ91-T6 magnesium. I am looking for anyone who may need a new bellhousing to share in the cost of making the pattern and castings. This will likely be a one time run of less...
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    Anti roll bar

    I can tell you that current Fords are tubular 4130. They are heat treated, but I don't know if this is just because they weld mild steel ends on them, or also because of the strain hardnening from forming the bends. [ March 10, 2003: Message edited by: Adam Christian ]