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    Hi All, some time since I have looked in on the forum and have forgotten how to use it. Looked at the tyres on the car and they were manufactured in 1989! So, despite having some tread left they will need to go. The problem is finding suitable replacements for the rear which, currently, are BF...
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    Back on the road

    GTD40 - YouTube
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    brakes conundrum solved

    Hi all, a trip to Beaulieu Autojumble on the weekend solved origin of calipers/pads on GTD40. They are, on the front, Granada 77-82. Thanks to all for suggestions.:thumbsup:
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    Brake conundrum

    Hi All, first time on forum so please forgive ignorance. I am preparing my's GTD40 for the road/track after being unused for 10 plus years. The car was built, mainly by me in 1992 so was kit prior to that. I am trying to identify the type of brakes used at the front. They are Girling, pad...