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  1. nota2266

    GT 40 from CAD to Metal

    Watch the development of a Mono from CAD models thru FEA, suspension dynamics to finish.
  2. nota2266

    Targa Tasmania 2006

    Its on again, Starts in george town on tuesday for a quick run through the shopping centre. Special stages start on Wednesday 25th and finishes Sunday 30th in Hobart. A list of competitors can be found at,%20Class%20and%20Spec.pdf. The home...
  3. nota2266

    Cold air Box

    Can anyone provide original (or close to it) dimensions of cold air box used with weber carbs. Thanks in advance
  4. nota2266

    Thermostat housing

    Machined Alum body, O ring seal on SS tube, SS tube bonded in.
  5. nota2266

    Engine in

    Engine in at last
  6. nota2266

    P4 in OZ

    A P4 was raced in Oz in the 60's. For the P4 historians What chassis number,who drove it, was it an open or closed car, what year and what unique feature did this car have that no other P4 had (to the best of my knowledge) If anyone knows the whereabouts of this car now, it is probable that...
  7. nota2266

    Simple seats

    There seems to be a lot of posts and concern over seats. Here is a photo of a seat under construction very similar to original. It is light and easy for any one to construct. Sure you need adjustable pedals with this method but I would rather make adjustable pedals than an adjustable seat.
  8. nota2266

    What car is This

    What car, what driver, what owner, what race track, what year.