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    Body making a creaking sound.

    My wife and I went on a 500 mile cruise with some friends. While on the cruise, I notices a creaking sound coming from the (what sounds to me) front windshield / roof area. Well, it has gotten worse to the point that it is now a constant loud creak while driving. Very annoying. My SLC did...
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    AC compressor switch

    I did a search and looked around but was unable to find any information. While installing my dash I checked to make sure my ac compressor was coming on, and it was'nt. I noticed the copper hard wire going to the compressor switch broke off. Figuring I am going to be ordering some parts on...
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    Raptor Pro not working

    I picked my car up from the mechanic today. Was having ride height, camber, caster and toe adjustment. I noticed my raptor pro was not working. The light on the transmitter was flashing red, so I figured it to be the battery. When I got home, I changed the battery and it was still not...
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    Bump Steer eliminater

    I am having an issue with bump steer. Has anyone ever installed a bump steer eliminater on their SLC. If so, how did it work and what kit works with the SLC? Any help would be appreciated. Godspeed
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    Props to John B. and his gears. - review

    SLC 2017 LT4 Engine w/ pully upgrade making 600rwhp and 608lbs tq. After purchase but before my SLC was even in the build stage, I was approached by my builder about a different gear ratio that he believed would help my SLC be more driver-friendly. Not knowing anything about the Graziano...
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    SLC Windshield

    I am looking for a SLC windshield. Not the lexan. Any leads would be appreciated.
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    Soon there will be one more SLC in Houston.

    Hello Everyone, I am happy to say that back in November, components for my SLC started production. I talked to Allen several times and was very impressed with his attention to detail. I feel fortunate to have him starting my build in September. I have already purchased the new corvette Z06...
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    Soon there will be one more SLC in Houston.

    Moved to SLC forum. Sorry about that. Godspeed.
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    Hello from Texas

    Hello everyone. I have been a lurker on this site for a long time, but am just now making the active jump. I have had several cars from a FF cobra to a TT viper ACR, but I am looking for something a little more exotic. My build will not start till next year, but I am starting the...