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    Porsche 944 LSD

    Hi: I am in need of a good used Porsche 944 Limited slip diff.
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    Louver Panel

    Can anybody tell me how long and how high the louvers on the MKI rear clam louvered panel? Seem the original panel has two lengths on the louvers.
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    Starter fitment with KEP Flywheel

    The starter that I used with my KEP flywheel and RCR small block ford to Audi adapter is from a Toyota truck. Precision Parts and the part number is TOS 112.
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    Dzus Fasteners on front clip

    Guys need some opinions. Looks like the front clip had 2 Dzus fasteners in front of the wind screen to help hold the front clip on. Question is are they needed or not?
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    Head lights

    Have any of you guys used the vauxhall viva headlights? If you have photos of your mounting system it would help greatly.
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    Front Clip Mounting

    Does any body happen to have a drawing with dimensions of the mounting spool (bobbin) for the front clip? not sure which it is called.
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    Windshield Wiper Wheel boxes

    Maybe one of you gents from the UK can answer these questions? The MG wiper motors and wheel boxes look like Lucas units are they? Do all Lucas wheel boxes have the same diameter wiper arm mounting? If they are the same diameter what arm should I get to go on the GT?
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    Clutch for Kennedy 016 adapter

    Hey does anybody know what clutch K.E.P is using with the 016 adapter for small block ford? Is it audi 5000 turbo?
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    016 Switches

    Hey Guys: My 016 transaxle has what looks like two reverse light switches. One is on the tail housing and one is on the right side in front of the shift linkage cover. Can any one tell which is the reverse light and what the other is for?
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    Fire system Location

    Guys: Need some thoughts on this. I have an AFFF fire system I am thinking about mounting on the passenger side floor in the very front of my 40. Rear package is so tight I really am thinking this is the best place.
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    Mono and Space Frame Combined Chassis

    I am sure there are some of you who remember when cars had full frames. then they started building the uni-body cars that had sub frames. Been tossing around the idea of a space-mono chassis. It would eliminate the cladding work also.
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    Oil Cooler with Remote Filter

    Has anyone plumbed an oil cooler in tandem with a remote oil filter on a wet sump engine?
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    Side Window Flap Hinge Cad drawings

    Hi All: It seems I saw cad drawing side window flap hinge and latch back a few years ago. Anyone still have it?
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    Fuse box location

    Hi: Does anybody have a fuse box located behind the rear bulk head? Photos would be greatly appreciated.
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    Battery box dimensions

    Hey guys: I need a little help what size is your battery box in your Gt40? Photos would help also. Thanks in advance Dave
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    Cruise In Gastonia NC

    Hi All: The 5th annual Charlie Craig Cruise In is tomorrow Oct 12th in Gastonia North Carolina. 10:00 am to dark The address is 4320 South New Hope Road Gastonia NC 28056 In the past Lee Holman's Gt40, has been there as well as Panteras and Cobras. Many Past Nascar drivers attend Rex...
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    Ford Blue engine paint

    This may seem like a silly question. We're can you get Ford Blue engine paint?
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    Love The Beast

    Hey Guys: Just watched the documentry Love the Beast. What great movie and really give a good view of culture of cars.
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    Wealden Engineering

    For all us GT40 nuts here in the US the UK seems a million miles away. The GT40 community has been thriving for many years in the UK. Frank at Wealden has been a great help for me. It is great to have access to the wealth of knowledge and expierence. I highly recommend Frank if you need parts...
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    Demister Grille

    Is there a US model car that had the GT40 demister grille?