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    SPF exhaust

    Has anyone taken the cans off the exhaust and taken the guts out? I'd like to get a bit more unmuffled sound out of the snakes.
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    Who Runs 48 IDA webers on a Rousch 402 motor? Any suggestions on initial jetting and chokes/Venturis?
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    Holley Stealth Terminator EFI

    Has anyone with the Rousch 402 motor replaced the Holley 770 with the Holley Stealth Terminator EFI? Holley EFI 550-441K Terminator Stealth EFI Master Kit-Hard Core Gray - Holley Performance Products Looks like a straightforward swap. Does anyone have any info?
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    squeak in the front

    Now having enjoyed about 3000 miles on the GT, it has developed a squeak in the front. I't thinking part of the dash. Before I start investigating, has anyone had this happen? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Oil Pan gasket

    Does anyone have info regarding what replacement gasket I should get and where for the 402R Roush engine? I'm assuming it is the "GT40" oil pan. But I don't know what make they use. Thanks!
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    Oil pressure

    My SPF has a 402 Roush engine with an adjustable oil pump. I'm still on break in oil at 2700 miles. The pressure seems low when the oil is on temperature at 40 pounds. Does anyone have any advice on what pressure to run at and how to adjust the pump? Thanks!
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    Bonhams auction

    So at Goodwood Revival Bonhams sold a Safir GT40 MK1 in gulf colors for $262.000,00. What does that say about Superformance cars? Are Safirs considered a "better" or closer relative to the original run of cars? Or does this mean Superformance cars values are likely to go up? How much different...
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    rear upper control arm bracket

    Does any one have the reinforcement brackets for sale for the upper control arm mount point so they mount in double shear? And does anyone have the reinforcement "caps" for the rear upper shock mount? Thanks! Gus
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    Road america

    For some reason my photos do not upload. Is it because I'm running a MAC, is it the browser? I follow the steps, but each time the upload is unsuccessful. Not sure why it has to be such a complicated process, but then again, this is not my expertise.
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    Road America I'm trying to post some photos or do links, but either I am too computer illiterate or the process is a royal pain in the ass....
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    Keeping the dirt out

    Having driven about 900 miles this weekend to Road America and back, and being caught in a massive downpour, I was wondering if any of you have found a good way of keeping the dirt out of the the engine compartment and the front end.... It is amazing how filthy this thing gets...
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    Bearing retainers

    Doing a thorough scan of the moving parts in the front on my Superformance, I noticed the left side bearing retainer ring was held in place by one small bolt and the right side by two. Obviously one got loose. Has anyone had any issues with these retainers disappearing... Could spell disaster...
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    Does anyone have experience with the Superformance Owners Forum?
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    Goodwood Members Meeting

    Goodwood Members Meeting 2016 - Ford GT40 Race Photos
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    Alan Mann Car

    Preparing an Alan Mann GT40 For Goodwood Is A Dream Come True - Petrolicious
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    Instrument lights

    Do any of you find the instrument lights on the SPF a bit too dim? How can I increase brightness a bit? Thanks, Gus
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    Nice compliments on SPF: This Is What It's Like To Drive Superformance's Greatest Recreations - Petrolicious
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    new comer

    Hi all, I just re-joined, now that I actually own a SPF MK1. Already had wonderful feedback and help, especially from Rick Muck.
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    Quaife Gear whine

    Anyone have any problems with 5th gear Whine with the Quaife ZF type box? What is the cause and solution?
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    Luggage box

    Has anyone made luggage boxes for the MK1 SPF? Any suggestions out there?