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  1. Dans GTD

    GT40 Avenger

    I just did a little checking around and I see that Fiberfab U.S. is still around. That is a bonus when it comes time for trim and glass, it looked like on the website that they have a full chassis as well. If I remember correctly can't you use a Porsche engine?
  2. Dans GTD

    Which OIl

    I was told by a rebuilder that owns WC engineering in the USA to use Redline 75w90 GL-5 part#58304 (no friction modifiers). I changed it in my un1 a couple of weeks ago and is definitely an improvement from what was in there but have no idea what was in the unit originally. I would take Mikes...
  3. Dans GTD

    DRM gems

    Great video. I had one like the orange one (stock) think it was a 74. Later I got a 76 with the v6. My last one was one I have never seen again, it was a 76 "Black Cat" edition that was black with gold pin stripes with a cat on each front fender. That black cat got the v8 put in it and it was...
  4. Dans GTD

    Here's a good one. Enjoy!

    Love these videos!
  5. Dans GTD

    DRM gems

    Love the Capri, you don't see them anymore in the USA. I had a few of them back in my day, what a great car. I had one with a German v-6 and later I built one with a 302v8. I lost both cars over time to rust, the N.Y. winters ate the cars up. I have been looking around for one for a while but...
  6. Dans GTD

    Wanted Ford Granada Rear calipers

    In the U.S.A. I have seen calipers, rebuild kits, and pads on ebay. One of the listings for pads said they ship from Australia. Now I don't know this to be fact but it seems that the early Capri and Cortina have the same brakes as well but again I have not confirmed this.
  7. Dans GTD

    There might be some GT40 replicas at this event...

    That would be a great event to go to. My dads 08 GT500 has been sitting in my shop for about a year now, would love to take it there. They need to have a similar event on my side of the country.(N.Y.) Thanks for the heads up Wallace!
  8. Dans GTD

    Fire Extinguisher Plumbed Into Cockpit

    Howard, A little off topic but I have a question. I have a GTD that has the original Halon system in the front and back of the car, the system is untouched except for the Halon bottle that is now illegal to use. Is there another type of retardant that I can use in place of the Halon.
  9. Dans GTD


    Walter, great post! Reminds me of a time back in the day when my brother was having electrical problems with his Ford Bronco, he was under the hood in the rain "fixing things" and asked me to help him out. I got inside the truck and he asked me to turn on the wipers witch resulted in a small...
  10. Dans GTD

    Where does everyone live?

    You are more than welcome to stop by anytime.
  11. Dans GTD

    Where does everyone live?

    Hi Steve, Islip, Suffolk County (south shore)
  12. Dans GTD

    Where does everyone live?

    Long Island N.Y. USA
  13. Dans GTD

    Street Driving

    I added a camera to the top of the licence plate, my rear view mirror is now the screen. I have had a terrible time getting used to the car. My problem is that besides having next to zero visibility (before camera) I am sitting on the right side of the car in the USA. When I go to get on a major...
  14. Dans GTD

    Show us your GT40!

    Here is my GTD, Long Island N.Y.
  15. Dans GTD

    Dan's GTD Getting some attention

    Been a couple of months since I have been on here, thought I would say Hi! I have been driving the car whenever I can, however I sure have had my share of issues. 1. Car stopped charging and had to replace and upgrade the alternator to a internal regulated unit with more amps. (Big improvement)...
  16. Dans GTD

    Dan's GTD Getting some attention

    The rears are 26x12x15, rear rims are 11.5 Fronts are 26x10x15, front rims are 8.5
  17. Dans GTD

    Dan's GTD Getting some attention

    Thank You Brian, and no adoptions LOL. This car will not be staying with me. My dad has not been in the best of health so my brother and myself are going to finish the car for him to drive, kinda a giving back thing. We are looking forward to having the 3 cars together at the local shows this...
  18. Dans GTD

    Dan's GTD Getting some attention

    This is the car I got the keys to today. This car has been sitting since the late 80's. This is a contemporary cobra kit, we will be bringing it to my shop next week. This car has a 427 side oiler with a 4 speed. The car has 0 miles on it and needs to be finished.
  19. Dans GTD

    Dan's GTD Getting some attention

    So today starts a new adventure. My dad had given me and my brother a car each to enjoy and restore, per my posts I have achieved that. Today I was handed the keys to the car that makes the set of Fords complete..........
  20. Dans GTD

    Dan's GTD Getting some attention

    I spent all day driving the car around, 80 degree day and found no temperature issues. I had a blast! I do have a few electrical issues, the white lights on the bottom do not work, the horn does not work. The tires are awesome hooks up hard, noticed it is eating up large amounts of fuel lol, I...