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    Buying a Race Car

    Hey Guys, I am looking at a Sports racing car 30 miles south of London. One challenge (at this point) is I don't have the time to fly over and check it out myself. Is there anyone in England that might be willing to have a look? If not, do you have any suggestions on how to get this done...
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    Automotive Electrical Connectors

    "350,000 connectors" findpigtails,com 844.255.5899 Just came across them at SEMA, seem like good guys. Will, maybe good info fro the Wiki?
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    FS USA Miata Door Handles

    For the SLC crowd. As used in an SLC. Full set, inside and out with locks (no keys). If you have a use for them, make offer.
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    FS USA Aeromotive A1000

    Never used in anger. Was for fitment studies in two different projects. In original box although may not have all original fittings. I do not know what the original came with as I am the second ''owner". $100.00 + shipping
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    917/10 "replica" :-)

    All in good fun. You have to appreciate the good time attitude. 1971 Other Makes Porsche 917/10 Race | eBay
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    SLC - 3 point retractable belts

    Not really wanting seat belts laying all over the cabin. Has anyone installed retractables in an SLC, if so what belts were used and how was the shoulder bracket attached to the roll cage? Pictures? Thanks!
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    Leaky Wilwood Reservoirs

    I had seen some posts on this subject but cannot locate them using the search engine. Anyone find a solution or alternative to the problem?
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    Fried Ricardo Starter Wanted

    I have a new project in mind and in order for me to confirm some if my assumptions I need to procure a used-up, electrically toasted Ricardo (Ford GT) starter. If anyone out there has a complete as delivered ''core'' that has not been physically damaged I'd like to buy it. Please PM if you...
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    AC Vent Vents/Louvers

    Gents, I am in search of round (for SLC dash) in stainless or brushed aluminum bezel. Have seen all Vintage Air stuff and have searched the web although not finding what I am after. Conventional 2.5 hoses connect all the vents to the Evap. Thanks
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    Shifter Cable Drag

    I like many others have shifter cables sourced through CableShift, some have his shifter mechanism and some have the FORD GT shifter (as do I). I had advised Jim in the past that the side to side motion was very heavy (will not return to center on its own) and the fore/aft had noticeable drag as...
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    A new way to ship?

    Not sure where to put this... A gear head friend of mine is developing a web service that can match up persons in need of shipping something with travelers with extra vehicle capacity. It's been up and running since the summer and they have commuters going through most west coast cities as it...
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    Walbro Sealed Electrical Plug

    I have two different model walbro intank pumps going in my SLC build. Both of them have a female Delphi seal ring type plug on the end of a short wire pair. One of the pumps is out of the Ford GT (not a mustang). Anyone know what and where to order the mating male plug? Thanks
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    Awesome Racing

    In my sort-of biased opinion :), I gotta say MC roadracing IS the best RACING in motorsport. No, not the Moto GP snooozefest. But Moto GP 2, World Supersport, World Superstock. If you have a chance, watch the last few laps of the Supersport race, or the whole Superstock (1000cc) race from...
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    Vintage Air Customer Service

    Seems to me every time I TRY (key word) to contact them I am on ignore forever and eventually give up. Where is the best place to buy Vintage products (fittings, hoses, driers) ? I am having no luck directly. Thanks
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    Speed TV

    SEMA - I hear from persons that produce programming for Speed that the network we have come to know as NASCAR TV in the last few years will be gone in two weeks. So just after the US GP in Texas. Wonder what comes next?.... Back to searching for all our favorite motorsports on a wide and...
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    Monterey Mk IV

    As it turned out Howard had many beautiful cars parked around his "Betty" (number 83) including two ERA GT40s. But the real stunner (that just by chance) was parked right next to him. We knew who it belonged to although we never actually saw him until the end of the day - long after the throngs...
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    Group C - Spa Video

    Since its all about 'our' kind of cars, I thought I'd just post it in the clubhouse. Great sound and picture quality with a lap in the Sauber to boot. The Saubers sound a little more American V8 than I would have expected. Turn it up and enjoy. Legendary Group C Cars Spa Francorchamps 2011...
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    Accusump Question

    What pressure switch should I get when using the "EPC" electric valve on an LS7 based engine (wet sump). Canton offers 25-30lb, 25-40lb and a 60-ish pound switch. Any advice in this area would be appreciated. Car will be mostly street with some track events. Thanks
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    Year End MotoGP

    Great race, congrats one the year to Little Mick Doohan (Stoner) as he appears to be on his way to dominating for a few years. Also kudos to Spies and American SuperBike Champion JOSH HAYES in his first ride on a GP bike. Great rides all through the field. Josh spent along time making his way to...
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    A grown up slot car track

    As a kid the highlight of our grade school afternoon was the battle between me and my buddy Terry - on our own personal racetrack..... in my parent's garage. My favorite Ferrari 512M ALWAYS beat his Porsche 917 (not). So here is the grown up version of (mine was much longer in scale ;P )...