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  1. bune

    get the air out of brakes.

    I filled my brake system with fluid and used a vacum unit to replace the air, but it did not work I replaced and there was no air bubbles.Then I used pressure to push out the air , still it feels like full of air no brake pedal at all. I have Wilwood calipers 4 piston with bleeder on both outer...
  2. bune

    Ball bearing help needed.

    I have a KVA from 1985-87 and was sold as a kit to two brothers in Sweden. Now 30 years later the car need new ball bearings upper and lower. I have found out that the upright is from a Ford Granada , but The bearings are a secret for me. I have pictures of the 2 parts and hope someone can...
  3. bune

    Weber 48 IDA setup.

    I'm struggling with my webers . I started with chokes 42mm main 145 -F7 -air corr 120 idle .70mm this was no good, not able to put any load, run way to lean. Changed the chokes back to the original 37mm and then I had a other engine more promising, will do some load tomorrow . What setup...
  4. bune

    Balancing wheels with weights

    How do you do the balance job on wide wheels ? The tyre shop put lots off weights on the inside on mine ,it was nice but not practical. I belive that I have to place them visible on the outside, And might have to paint them same as rim. I do not have a good feeling with 270gram on one side of a...
  5. bune

    Cracked windscreen in Le Mans 67

    This is to be found in Ronnie Spain book page 101 and 103 . I was told by a friend who saw it on the net somewhere that it was a Norwegian engineer located in Switzerland that was brought to LeMans and he used some kind ofCilicone to install the window. Does anyone have heard this story ?
  6. bune

    balancing the flywheel?

    I made my own flywheel exact like the original ones from the 60's but I belive I have to balance the flywheel . Can this be done as a stand alone? or do I have to use a crankshaft and the harmonic damper to get the right balance. I think the old original flywheel drawings was correct, but I...
  7. bune

    GT40 fire ?

    I was told that a GT40 had a fire in some histroric racing event in Germany or Austria some years ago They told me it was a original car. Does someone have knowledge about this , I have not found anything. Rune.
  8. bune

    digital Speedometer

    My plan was to use a mechanical speedometer and cable from the ZF 25-2 transaxle . I wonder if there are senders to connect on the ZF ? and use a digital speedometer. I have to use a speedometer with km not mph, the authorities require this. Someone out there with a good idea ? Rune
  9. bune

    Information about early CAV

    I put this request here yesterday, but as many others the tread is gone so I have to try again. I have a friend here in Norway that try to register a early CAV , he bought this car on a auction in Florida some years ago. He did not get the papers that normally follow a CAV car, so he contacted...
  10. bune

    Clor codes for my 40

    I plan to paint my car as the Willment cars 2004 picture dark blue and orange . I have the codes I think for this, P030-2067 and P030-3393. The problem is that it is not possible to find this codes here in Norway Probaly to old. I have to use PPG or other european paint codes. I tried to ask...
  11. bune

    Rear axles

    I am about to order cv930 for my car , and wonder where to order, and have not idea witch axles that is good enough to handle 450+ hp. Someone with a solution here? Rune
  12. bune

    Treads for Fuel pumps ?

    I'm installing the Stevart Warner original fuelpumps, and wonder what treads there are for innlet and outlet fuel ? It seams that NPT can work, but BSPs seems to be closer someone out there know what to use? . Rune
  13. bune

    Warning for a virus/trojan.

    I will just warn you all for a virus called "CTB locker"(take a moment to google this and see what it do), it crypted all my files on my computer including everything I had regarding gt40. I had everything a back up disk connected if my computer crashed, but I did not see this comming, so for...
  14. bune

    Paint codes

    I have been looking for a tread that had most of the color codes on the cars but no luck. I had it on my computer , but I was hit by CTB locker virus and no it is all gone. Hope that someone can direct me to that tread . Rune.
  15. bune

    Normal setup for ZF

    I have a ZF and wonder if it is a correct setup for my 40 with a 289 max rpm 6500 15" wheels 1g=2.58 2g=1.53 3g=1.04 4g=0.846 5g= 0.704 R=2.86 Diff= 3.2 Does this numbers look good enough to be used as is. ? Rune
  16. bune

    IDF and gt40 ?

    A friend of mine have a gt40 with a 302 engine and IDF carbs The engine start and run fine until it is warm then it start to smoke heavy . Someone have a tip on this? Is IDF carbs good for SBF engines ? or is IDA the one and only?
  17. bune

    Door latches.

    I have been looking for the door latches for my car, I have been study pictures here on the forum but it has been impossible to find out which car these latches was used on. I see that Mirage Automotive seems to have got the right ones. Does anyone have some info to share what cars they come...
  18. bune

    Two catch tanks

    I see on pictures that some have two small tanks high on the engine wall one on each side . What are these for? catch oil vaporized from engine? how are they connected ? Rune
  19. bune

    pictures of electrical wiring

    I have all the looms for the electrical wiring and a diagram from JWA , but I hoped that someone out there have some pictures from the installation of the cables . If can install the cable bundles correct , it is easier to figure out where the cables have to go. I was promised a list that...
  20. bune

    Wiring diagram J.W.A

    I have The JW Automotive Electrical Wiring Diagram and it has lots of numbers on the wires, I have the looms but only with the correct colour on each wire no numbers . Does someone have a list telling witch number connect to a colour? I can connect all together working correct but I would...