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    Fat Larry's GTR Build

    Luke, PM sent
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    Paddle shift for H-pattern gearbox

    Anyone have experience with this MME system?
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    Fat Larry's GTR Build

    Are you mating up to a Graziano? How much power are you expecting out of the Ecoboost?
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    Rcr 962

    I’m planning to visit RCR in the next month or so to discuss with Fran. I’m considering a full-on race spec 962 for NASA SU. Big question would be what drivetrain to use as my guess is the 962 engine bay will be tight for many engines
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    Aluminator 5.2 XS

    Has anyone tried to install the new Ford Aluminator 5.2 XS? I am wondering how difficult it would be to mate up to the Graziano gearbox and install in the GT-R?
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    997 turbo engine

    Has anyone tried installing a Porsche 997 Turbo engine in their build? Can the Graziano transaxle be adapted for that engine or would a Porsche transaxle be the better choice?
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    Greetings, I found this forum while researching the Superlite SL-C. As a longtime Porsche racer, I had been considering moving up to a GT3 Cup car but the thought of spending $40 thousand on an engine rebuild or $25 thousand on a transmission rebuild every few years was causing me some...