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    1149 Mono Replica

    Bryan, how's your car coming along? Running, I hope.
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    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    Ah, she's looking fine. Can't wait to see this one up on her feet and running around making trouble. How is Alastair's car coming along?
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    1149 Mono Replica

    Well, the Meguiar's guys didn't buff it for free. That was six years ago, and they still haven't called me back. But, seriously, folks... My friend Ron McCall mentioned to me the other day that he'd gotten a hello from some old friends here, to pass on to me- one in the UK and one in "down...
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    Ronnie Spain..THE book

    I'd like to know, too. Since I bought a few copies, paid in advance.
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    Boehner is HISTORY!!!

    ..just like the Democrats have been hijacked by thugs and zealots from faaaaaaaaaaar left. No, we haven't, Larry. Not all of us believe that government should provide a free lunch for anyone. The difference between us is that I've read your agenda and you haven't read mine. I'm plenty...
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    Boehner is HISTORY!!!

    I edited poorly above- my apologies. The piece is from today's NYTimes (don't bother reading it, Larry, okay?) and when I copied it, other things came over as well. I will try to fix it. My point of view stands, as I'm sure you know.
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    Boehner is HISTORY!!!

    REPUBLICANS aren’t big fans of Karl Marx, but perhaps they should ponder his observation that history repeats itself first as tragedy, then as farce. As preposterous presidential candidates dominate the polls and extremists topple congressional leaders, the Republican Party is headed for a...
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    Boehner is HISTORY!!!

    Boehner will be succeeded by someone even less functional. Watch. You can't herd cats. You guys are missing the point here. Boehner got sick of being beat over the head by the teabaggers and finally said fuck it. The GOP has been hijacked by thugs and zealots.
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    Migrant crisis: a solution.....

    I'm not including you in my disapproval here, Keith. I'm appalled by what I see as the racist rewriting of the facts based on a priori bigotry. It makes me sick. Every American on this forum is descended from people who came here as an "economic migrant", unless they are American Indians by...
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    Migrant crisis: a solution.....

    Well, no surprises here. I'm embarrassed by the remarks above. As fellow car guys, I admire you all. As human beings, who ought to have some compassion, I'm considerably less enthralled with all of you, and I'm being more polite on this than I ought to be. But there's enough vitriol here for...
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    MkIV - J10

    Well, that certainly cleared everything up nicely. Clear as mud.
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    Where WOGGS started their fascination with the female chest...

    Okay, gentlemen, and all the rest of you WOGGs, here's a challenge for you: Find appropriate photos to go with the following items (Keith, this ought to keep you happily busy for the next day or two) -whole milk -2% milk -skim milk -organic milk -condensed milk -powdered milk NO "G" rated...
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    Where WOGGS started their fascination with the female chest...

    No, but if they did, it still wouldn't taste and feel like the real thing.
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    I remember it very clearly- what I was doing and where I was. Just like when I heard JFK had been shot. We all know each other pretty well at this point, so I won't make a huge point of my liberal political views. I will point out, though, that for a supposedly peace-loving group of people...
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    Mericans! How was your Labor Day?

    I wasn't scheduled to work. But in my line of work, it hardly matters.
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    1/8 scale G-W engine with ZF

    I seriously want one of those. What a great desk accessory. I hope I can get one. I'll even put it together if I absolutely HAVE to.
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    Ordering Process for the new Ford GT

    Rules out owners of original cars, or replicas thereof, that's clear. Whatever. Mine is better looking. Mind you, I hope they win at Le Mans, it would be nice.
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    Impressive Aerobatics

    Some of them look like he's flying it backwards. Is that possible? Also, was all this footage shot from the ground?
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    Tribute to Dr. John Hinds

    This guy was an ER physician, if I am not mistaken. Sad to see him gone.
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    Tribute to Dr. John Hinds

    This is all pretty simple. He's talking about how to do the operation where you cut open a patient's chest as part of trying to get their heart pumping blood again. He's also talking about how you get your hospital to agree to have you do it when needed.