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  1. Jkviper

    What type of metal for rear engine mounts?

    Hi, I’m looking to fab up a new set of rear engine mounts for my SL-C. They look like they are made with stainless steel. Just wanted to confirm if that is the case or are they nickel plated steel. Thanks for your help.
  2. Jkviper

    Supercharger intake plenum extension question?

    For a supercharged engine, most builds use an aluminum tube/elbow and throttle body adapter flanges to turn the throttle body around. I am wondering if the intake extension needs to be aluminum or could it be a silicone tube that sits between the supercharger and the throttle body. Just...
  3. Jkviper

    SLC Steering Column Placement

    I am looking for some feedback regarding the stock steering column placement and if it is centered to the Driver’s side dash binnacle. I’ve seen a few pictures where the steering wheel is centered and others where it is not, I am asking this since my car was delivered in a crate and the...
  4. Jkviper

    FS - New LS3 parts, also a couple misc parts

    Hi, I acquired these parts thinking I would buy an LS3 crate engine and convert it to the shallow Corvette C6 oil sump and low mount CTS-V/ZL1 alternator. Perfect for an SLC project. Here are the parts I have for sale. Would prefer to sell the GM parts as a bundle. Prices are a 25% discount to...
  5. Jkviper

    Front engine mount modification

    Looking for some feedback from builders who know fabrication. The SLC comes with the standard LS3 Engine Mount. Since I am using an LT4, the dimensions are a bit different. My question is would you modify the existing mount or fabricate a new one. I am leaning toward fabricating a new one...
  6. Jkviper

    Installing RCR flywheel with factory GM Bolts

    I covered some of my experience with taking off the stock flywheel on my LT4 crate engine with Ken Roberts who has been a great help. I had a plan to install and torque the new flywheel bolts tomorrow based on what I reviewed with Ken. But now that I cleaned the threads in the crank and wiped...
  7. Jkviper

    Getting trans plate to align with rear engine mounts

    I wanted to test fit the transaxle plate to the rear engine mounts before I secure the plate on the engine and it does not seem to fit. That is, the holes where the 1/2” bolts through the rear engine brackets are about 1/8”-1/4” too narrow. See the pics below.. Left Side with bolt inserted...
  8. Jkviper

    Correct bolts/screws to attach trans adapter plate to GM Engine

    My kit came with Buttonhead 3/8” 16pitch x 1.25. Button head bolts which thread into my LT4 engine block. All the pics I see is that these screws are cap head and not button head. I tend to like cap head screws better since the sockets tend to be deeper than the button head, My question is...
  9. Jkviper

    Installing engine mount and accessory boltstoan aluminum block

    This is a newbie question. I bought anit-seize for the stainless screws and bolts which will attach into the aluminum chassis to prevent galling. My question is, considering the engine block I have is aluminum, do I need to apply anti-seize to the factory steel bolts that attach things like the...
  10. Jkviper

    Difference between a heat exchanger and Oil cooler

    Hi, I’m in the planning stages of my LT4 SLC build and looking to install one or two small supercharger heat exchangers behind the rear side vents similar to Bob’s LSA Build. Looks like Bob had two heat exchangers custom made by C&R Racing, my question is can you use an oil cooler as a...
  11. Jkviper

    Awsome Build Video Series - 80 Episodes

    Not sure if this is the best place to post, but I’ve been watching Fastthings GTM Build video series on YouTube over the last few weeks and thought it was great. He started work on this car about 6 years ago. It shows how much real work needs to be put into a very high standard kit car build...
  12. Jkviper

    SLC - Engine Choice

    Hey everyone, I thought I would throw this out there and get some feedback. My SLC kit will be delivered this fall and trying to narrow down my engine choice and looking for opinions. At some point I need to let Fran know which engine plate I require. One major constraint is that if I go with a...
  13. Jkviper

    Mounting E-stopp braking system on an SLC

    Based on the various build threads I have read it looks like the preferred location to mount the E-stopp electronic braking system is along the outer drivers side frame rail. Wondering if after the car is built and the body is on, how would you service it? Do builders make the floor pans...
  14. Jkviper

    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    Hi everyone, I figure I’d get started and create my build thread. I ordered an SLC 8 weeks ago so delivery date is something like 8 to 16 weeks out This will be my first component/kit car although at 19 years old I semi-restored a 68 Corvette. Did some body work, hand made the entire interior...
  15. Jkviper

    .903 Graziano Drop gear set order

    Just an FYI out to the community. I’ve been discussing the different options for gearing on the Graziano with John B. For my needs I am going with a .903 drop gear set which is a custom order. So, if anyone is interested in that specific ratio please reach out to him since the order is going in soon
  16. Jkviper

    New Jersey Builder

    Hi Everyone, I've been visiting the site for about 5 months now and am really enjoying it. Especially learning about how people are approaching their builds. I live in Central New Jersey and have been a car nut all my life. While I enjoy many hobbies(1/4 scale and 1/5 scale RC racing, model...
  17. Jkviper

    Picture of Deep Blue SLC

    If anyone can post or direct me to a photo of a deep blue gel coat SLC I would appreciate it. Thanks, Joel
  18. Jkviper

    Getting in and out of a Superlite

    Just wondering about how hard it is to get in and out of a Superlite. I am 57 years old and a big guy at 6’2 and 250. I’ve had Vipers and Corvettes and can still manuerver in and out of those without too much trouble. Firguring a three year build am I just too old to enjoy something like a...