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  1. PeteB

    Anyone got $420k laying around?

    I think that's the "yes honey, I'm trying really hard to sell it, but I'm not getting any interest" price.
  2. PeteB

    Vintage air trinary switch wiring

    My wiring harness did not have any InVert modules installed. I found this out when I followed the instructions that came with the system and fried the fan1 circuit in the master cell. I ended up completely bypassing the Infinitybox system for the fans and a/c wiring.
  3. PeteB

    Overheating, suggestions?

    Just bypass the Infinity Box and run the fans from the ECU and A/C trinary switch.
  4. PeteB

    Del's Build: SLC IR/8

    Cam - The taillights on my Elise are the stock housings that I retrofitted with LEDs. See post 38 on this thread: There are also several aftermarket units available like this one...
  5. PeteB

    Del's Build: SLC IR/8

    Lotus Elise taillights should look good on a SL-C. I just converted my taillights to LED halos.
  6. PeteB

    Handling - RCR40 vs SL-C (or other RCR cars)

    I recently sold my SL-C and bought an Elise. JMHO, but your Exige is a much better choice for the Tail of the Dragon.
  7. PeteB

    Slc how does it stack up against the super cars of the world

    Where are you getting the performance numbers from for the SL-C? I'm not really buying the 1/4 mile time. I never took mine to the strip, but traction is a real problem. I would not have wanted to race a ZR-1.
  8. PeteB

    Registration Dilemma - No engine serial # on receipt

    My GMPP crate 376/480 I bought from Jegs did not have a serial number or a tag. I called Jegs about it and they told me GM doesn't put serial numbers on them. There was a serial number on the crate, which I cut off and saved.
  9. PeteB

    Registration Dilemma - No engine serial # on receipt

    GM doesn't put serial numbers on their crate engines, so there isn't a number to put on the receipt. Ohio has the same requirement, but when I got my car inspected, I told them that and they passed me without a serial number on the receipt.
  10. PeteB

    Tuner List - Share your Recommendation

    Had my tune done by Dyno Tune Motorsports
  11. PeteB

    Correct bolts/screws to attach trans adapter plate to GM Engine

    I used alloy steel capheads for this. I'm with Cam, I wouldn't use stainless. However, titanium would be total overkill.
  12. PeteB

    Dakota Digital to Koso signal wire

    Here's how I hooked mine up: Koso: Connect the white wire to the Speed Output #1 on the DD GPS. The settings I used on the KOSO were 25 sensor points and 310mm tire diameter. Black and red wires are not used. GM VSS: Purple/white wire to Speed Output #2 on the DD GPS. Set the DD GPS to...
  13. PeteB

    Selling immediately after building?

    I sold mine not long after I finished it. Main reason I sold it was I just didn't enjoy driving it. I also had a long list of things I needed to change before I'd really be happy with it, and I'd already passed the break even point when it came to resale. So, rather than dumping a bunch more...
  14. PeteB

    Ken's SLC build thread

    Weird - the Forgestar F14 wheels that came with my kit were hub-centric.
  15. PeteB

    Best way to adjust Grazianno shift cables?

    With the stock shifter, getting into 2nd gear sucks. I spent hours adjusting the cables and never got it any better.
  16. PeteB

    Weather seal, mounted on door or body

    Drilling drain holes in the "cup holders" is also a must.
  17. PeteB

    Need some starter info

    I've had these guys rebuild a couple alternators. They've done great work and very reasonable prices: Dayton Quality Starter -
  18. PeteB

    LightinSight Traffic Lens

    Discovered this on a Lotus forum. Wish I would've had one of these in the SL-C. I either had to stop several car lengths short at intersections or ask my son to tell me when the light turned green. Bought one for my Elise, it works quite well...
  19. PeteB

    New KOSO gauge

    Wow, wish I'd have found those Zada gauges when I was doing my build. The KOSO doesn't have any CAN or OBDII inputs. Here's what I did for auxiliary gauges. All are Prosport gauges.
  20. PeteB

    New KOSO gauge

    If you're using a LS engine, oil pressure isn't an OBD2 parameter.