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    Colotti T50 5 spd

    Any one have any info on this transaxle?? Too rare to deal with in a replica? Ebay T50
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    FFR's New GTM

    FFR\'s New GTM I'm a current cobra owner and have been lurking here for over a year and trying to learn as much as I can about GT-40s for my build sometime in the future. Being a FFR customer, I have been also keeping an eye on their newest project/soon-to-be kit...the GTM. They just...
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    TCC - Austin, TX Gathering...Feb 28th

    I thought I would post this as a possible event for our GT-40 bothers out there to attend. One or two GT-40s have attended in past years and are most certainly welcome! Here is the press release details: The Texas Cobra Club (TCC) celebrates the spirit of the Shelby Cobra by sharing a passion...