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    How fast is an F1 car?

    Stumbled across this on another forum. Cars on the left are fast road cars on a track day, F1 cars on the right. How fast is an F1 car? Bloody hell, puts it all in to perspective. Jas
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    Le Mans Classic track laps in my GTD

    Here is a lap of the Le Mans circuit during the GT40 Enthusiasts club track time at the Classic this year. We were totally overwhelmed by the whole experience, this was my first time on track in a GT40. We were not the quickest out there, but not the slowest either, just had a really good time...
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    GT40 Startline Crash at Goodwood Revival 2009

    YouTube - Goodwood Revival 2009 Still not sure what caused this crash at the weekend? 1019 took a beating though. Was anyone else there at the weekend? Jas
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    Wings and Wheels 2009

    Will the GT40 Enthusiasts Club be at the Wings and Wheels event at Dunsfold this year? Is anyone else planning on going? I will be attending in my GTD and hopefully participating in the demonstration run. Jas
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    Ford GT and GTD40 Comparison

    Just thought I would share a picture of my GTD40 and a Ford GT, taken at Sherbourne Castle in Dorset last weekend. The Ford GT looks so much bigger in this shot, don't you think? Jas
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    The site won't let me upload pictures?

    Hi Not sure if anyone else has experienced this? But i can't upload pictures on to the forum (i have done this in the past with no problem) I get the following message everytime i try: Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing. If this occurred...
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    GTD Speedo Cable

    Does anyone know where to get a speedo cable for a GTD with an R30 box? Mine snapped at the weekend. It also looks like it will be a bit of a pig to replace, i can't quite see where its routed? Thanks in advance Jason
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    Hants/Berks area meeting

    I was just wondering who goes to the Hants/Berks meeting at the West Meon? What sort of meeting is it, do you take your GT40's, how many people attend? I am a new GT40 Enthusiasts Club Member and would like to meet with other GT40 owners to chat, look at cars, share ideas etc. I have...
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    GTD front roll bar mounting bushes

    Hi Does anyone know what the front roll bar bushes are from on a standard GTD? I have one that fits well on the drivers side, and one that clearly doesn't on the passengers side. I have attached some pics to try and explain better. Any help greatfully received Jason
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    GTD Wanted

    HI I'm looking for a GTD that is road registered, but needs some work doing to it (I'm on a budget). PM me if you know of any. Thanks Jas
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    Hill climb Video

    A very commited driver indeed........... YouTube - Insane Hill Climb The lack of run off doesn't seem to bother him. Does anyone recognise the course or car? Jas
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    F1 Sidecar Passenger saying hello.

    Hi everyone Just saying hello to all you good people. What a great forum you have here. I have been interested in GT40's for years now, but I can't convince the wife to say yes to building or buying one (any tips............?) I Passenger a F1 Sidecar at the weekends here in the UK. It kinda...