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    Power steering column for sale !

    I have the stock column for an SLC up for grabs. Clock spring is missing but other wise as it came from RCR. $50 + Shipping OBO
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    Spare Power Cell any one ?

    I'm looking for an ISIS (Infinity Box) power cell. Any one out there have a spare one ? Thanks
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    Inertia switch or not ?

    Has any one used an inertia switch to cut off fuel pumps. I have a Ford style switch, seems straight forward, just two wires. But some guys on the net say they are troublesome and unreliable. Any thoughts ? Fran, if used, where would you place it ?
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    XLR Column for sale

    I have the XLR column that comes with the SLC for sale. Includes the steering wheel and quick release that is supplied. Figure I would see if any one needs it here before I put it out on Ebay. Have a spare e-brake handle too !
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    LSA SLC Build Log

    So It's time to get started ! I have been working on the car for a few months but have just now got the courage to try and start a log ! This is how I received the car from RCR. The LSA was fit in the car along with the required frame mods to make it fit.