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    Graziano fittings

    What are the fitting size for graziano for clutch and trans cooler
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    Does anyone know part# for alternator slc with LS3 motor &ac . Also is there a mounting bracket or is it mounted rite to engine block?
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    Heater control valve

    Wondering what heater control valve to use in my SLC with LS3 motor
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    back order

    I have my slc sitting in my shop since July 2017 and a year later still waiting on parts ordered car December 2016 that's a long time for back order. Just curious if any on else was having same problems . Cant seem to get ahold of anybody at RCR for weeks email or phone.
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    wiring harness

    still have not received wiring harness for my slc . I received car july 2017 and not sure why one was not provided with kit . need some advice on what I can use.
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    ac belt part #

    does anyone know ac belt part# using ls3 motor
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    wire harness alternative

    not able to get infinity harness evidently they are not available for slc does anybody know what can be used instead?
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    parking brake

    hand brake location slc I am using interior tub
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    needing tork specs graziano ls 3 flywheel clutch and throw out bearing