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    Want to trade a Qvale(DeTomaso) Mangusta for a GT40 project. Cheers Earl (254) 729-8599 [email protected]
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    Transport car --Calif to Texas

    Need suggestion on enclosed hauling of a car from Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.(LA area) to Waco/Dallas/Ft Worth area. Thanks in advance Earl
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    G50-01 For Sale

    I have a G50-01 for sale that I was going to use in my scratch build Lola T70 IIIB project with a Ford 427 SOHC engine but decided to use a 930 instead. I had a Porsche overhaul shop to open the trans up to check for condition and they said it looked as good as new inside. That is all I know...
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    GT40 Wheels

    I have a friend who has a GT40 wheel and a MK II wheel that he has had for 20 years or so. If you are interested, contact me at (254) 729-8599 and I can give you his phone number. Earl
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    Need empty trailer --Florida to Texas

    Looking for someone with an empty enclosed trailer to haul a roller from Florida to the Dallas area. Thanks in advance for any help. Earl (254) 729-8599 [email protected]
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    Mazda 20B & Audi transaxle

    3 rotor Mazda 20B engine mated to an Audi transaxle. Was going into a GT40 but am now using a 427 SOHC engine and a Ricardo trans. $3000 for eng/trans. (254) 729-8599
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    Earl's SOHC "Cammer" GT40

    I guess it about time for me to start my build site. Years ago, I used to drag race the 427 SOHC engine. Four years ago I built an aluminum engine using a Shelby Aluminum block and new Hilborn electronic fuel injection. It only weighed 440 Lbs. full of oil with no flywheel /clutch. I thought...
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    I have an 87 G50-01 that I was going to use in a Lola T703B but have decided to go with the 930 instead. I will be putting it on Ebay when I get pictures. Contact me if you are interested. Regards Earl (254)729-8599
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    Lola T70 3B windshield

    I have a T70 windshield for sale if anyone is in need of one. Regards Earl
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    ZF transaxle

    Can someone give me the ZF measurements from the bellhousing to the axles and from the axles to the rear most part? Also the width at the driveshaft flanges. Thanks in advance
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    930 Transaxle

    I am going to use a 930 transaxle in a Lola T70 III B. Should it be inverted or just flip the ring and pinion? Also, does anyone know the gear ratios and the ring&pinion ratio? Thanks in advance Earl
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    Trade helicoptor for GT 40

    Would like to trade two place Rotorway helicoptor for GT40 (complete or project). Earl at [email protected]
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    GT 40 Wanted

    I would like to trade a Rotorway 2 place helicoptor for a GT 40. If you are interest, I can give more details.
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    Audi transaxle

    I am mating a Mazda 3 rotor engine to an Audi 016 transaxle. For you guys that use the Audi to a Ford---Who made your adaptor? What I am trying to find out is all the exact distances of the bolt holes from the shaft centerline, etc. I thought I might get these measurements for the transaxle side...
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    Audi 016 tranaxle

    I am a newbie and am looking for info..I am building a GT 40 and going to put in a Mazda three rotor(twin turbo) rotary engine with an Audi 016 transaxle. I am going to have to make my own adaptor as I know of none available..Does anyone know the exact measurements of bolt holes from center of...