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    LCD Gauges: Version 2 Hardware Release!

    Super cool watching you put the system together and get it working. Any chance you will pick this back up?
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    LCD Gauges: Version 2 Hardware Release!

    Hi Tino, Did you do blind spot indicators in a previous dash? I seem to recall something you posted way back on the GTM forum. I'm looking for a Corvette Racing style rear view camera with blind spot indicators for a racing application.
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    Porsche 996 GT3 powered SLC recently sold

    Also, based on the comments on BAT, there is some unknown issue with the motor.
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    Introduction & Advice

    Awesome! Congratulations. I love it when a plan comes together.
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    Superlite SL-C dominates at Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

    Apparently they have different classes. The SLC won the "modern historics" class. 2017 PVGP Historics Race Entries - The new gen 5 ACR was not entered. However there was a gen 4 acrx and a couple of competition coupes. Very fast cars.
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    AMT - Automated Manual Transaxle?

    And I believe the haltech has no-lift shift programming capability built in. I followed Garry's build with interest. Pretty trick system.
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    Scotts build thread

    The rear end of the car looks awesome. Wow.
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    AMT - Automated Manual Transaxle?

    iirc Garry put a paddle shift on his slc with a mazda 3 rotor plus mendeola sequential gear box. I forget which ecu he used. I think it was Haltech.
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    Rear View Mirror SOLVED

    Drone quadcopter FPV cameras are incredible. 650-800 line resolution (or higher). Multi-channel 5.8ghz transmission to a wireless monitor. Many viewing angle options. Adjustable. Low latency. 12V compatible. And cheap. Complete setup, camera/transmitter/wireless monitor, for $100. DVR option for...
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    Pete B's Build Thread

    Agree. Looks awesome. Those wheels are tucked in really nice. Perfect.
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    Scotts build thread

    I would get the Mendeola sequential over a graz. Easy to rebuild. Way more gearing options. And the dudes support the component car market.
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    Superlite Aero

    Interesting that there aren't any louvers over the rear tires. Is that because the high pressure air escapes through the rear? Beautiful car. We need a track day review! :)
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    LBC Build Log - Apex

    I just want to say you have mad skills. I am really impressed with the way you have worked around all the issues with this kit.
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    Mid-engine vette?

    "Engineers at GM understand that there is a limit to how much power a front-engine supercar can put down ..." What? I doubt an engineer said this. And the weight distribution comment is nonsense. Nonsensical journalist comments aside. I am looking forward to the car. It won't really be a...
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    Grant's SL-C Build tread

    Wow. That color is spectacular.
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    LSA SLC Build Log

    I love that exhaust. That is sweet.
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    Scotts build thread

    $3400 is an awesome price. I may need to know who you are purchasing from. lol
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    Scotts build thread

    Scott have you researched tires for those rim sizes? I hear a lot of complaining on viper forums about tire choices for those sizes. The acr guys are going to 18in fronts to get better/more choices.
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    S2's Build Thread

    Wow. Go big or stay at home! That is a heck of a motor. Very much looking forward to your build.
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    Scotts build thread

    I think the air intake needs to be on the top.