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  1. Andy Sheldon

    Looking for Hartwell or similar type body latches.

    George We are making a batch at the moment. If you would like to order please send me an email at Tornado. Thanks Andy
  2. Andy Sheldon

    Gt40 Exhaust for 302 engine

    Marcus We can make a 351w system in mild steel. Thanks Andy
  3. Andy Sheldon

    Looking for a RCR or maybe other GT40 MKII roller

    Jim You can speak direct to me if you need to in the UK by email or telephone. We can supply a chassis without engine mounts so that you can fit an FE. Most customers fit a stroked 351 to 427 these days. We can ship the car direct to your home address and we have more GT40 replica parts stock...
  4. Andy Sheldon

    Looking for a RCR or maybe other GT40 MKII roller

    Jim Just wondered why you have ruled out TSC? Thanks Andy
  5. Andy Sheldon

    Wanted 427 Side Oiler

    Just wondered if anybody has, or knows of, a 427 side oiler big block engine for sale? Looking for one for my Aluminium bodied Cobra replica. Thanks Andy
  6. Andy Sheldon

    Gurney Eagle Valve Covers

    Another batch of covers are now in production. The entire batch will be the Gurney Eagle variation. If you need a pair please let me know ASAP as some sets are already pre sold. Thanks Andy
  7. Andy Sheldon

    Steering wheel

    John We do 15" also Thanks Andy
  8. Andy Sheldon

    Body Location Cones

    Another one of our parts
  9. Andy Sheldon

    Gurney Eagle Valve Covers

    We only have Weslake in stock at the moment.
  10. Andy Sheldon

    Any interest in Coyote/Boss exhaust?

    All of our Coyote systems are 1.75" primary as standard. All bends are mandrel bent. You can have all of the welds fully polished out. They are fully Ceramic coated inside and out and also have CATs fitted internally in the Silencers. The collectors also have welded bosses for the Lambda sensors.
  11. Andy Sheldon

    Roadster replica?

    We are using a cut down standard MK1 front screen and standard cut down doors with lower side windows. The roof section is just the section at the rear with the legs. There is no weather gear as its a permanent roadster. Thanks Andy
  12. Andy Sheldon

    Roadster replica?

    Paul We have a MK1 Roadster version under development. Thanks Andy
  13. Andy Sheldon

    Gt40 Exhaust for 302 engine

    We manufacture and supply full cross over systems for 289, 302 and 351 Ford V8 and also Rover V8. We also manufacture and supply silencers, Cats, baffles and Megaphones to suit. All of the above are available in a Ceramic coated finish. Thanks Andy
  14. Andy Sheldon

    MDA Hartwell Latches/ Demister Grill

    George We have them available. Thanks Andy
  15. Andy Sheldon

    Gurney Eagle Valve Covers

    We have just a few sets of each remaining. They all come as cast and blasted. You will need to paint and polish as required. Please email me at [email protected] for more info. Thanks Andy
  16. Andy Sheldon

    Gurney Eagle Valve Covers

    Another batch of both Gurney Eagle and Gurney Weslake covers have arrived today. If you need a pair of either just let me know ASAP as they sell out quick once they arrive and there will be a delay until the next batch arrives. Thanks Andy
  17. Andy Sheldon

    Manufacturer advice.

    Martin I thought your car was a GTD??
  18. Andy Sheldon

    Looking for a part completed GT40 Project

    Simon He means that he is collecting one of our Super Pro packages in May. Thanks Andy
  19. Andy Sheldon

    Goodwood Members Meeting

    76th Goodwood Members Meeting taking place this weekend. Includes the Gurney Cup featuring GT40s. Live all day stream link at Goodwood 76th Members Meeting Live Stream - YouTube Gurney cup practice on Saturday at 3.20 pm and race on Sunday at 3.30 pm. Thanks Andy
  20. Andy Sheldon

    Gurney Westlake Valve Covers Needed

    Paul Not yet. Drop me a line in a month or so. Thanks Andy