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    Sonoma Historics

    Is anyone going the the Sonoma Historic races in June? I'm seriously considering going probably not as crowded as Monterey.
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    A tunnel question

    I've noticed on several builds. That the tunnel for the gear shift & hoses? Just stops about the dash bulk head. Why? It seems to me that if it was brought all the way to the front bulk head & tied in. It would act as a "back bone" & add torsional & longitudinal strength instead of just being an...
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    Just thinking

    I was just surfing through "Lotus" on ebay & noticed a couple of Elise chassis for sale. Interesting little units. I wonder if you could adapt a body (say Mclaren Mk6) to it? Just one of those what ifs? LOL
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    Coffee & Cars orange county

    I've heard about the coffee & cars but never been there. Are they still doing it? Where? When? Thanks Mike
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    M6 gt

    Just out of curiosity: Is anyone making the M6 Gt coupe these days? I haven't seen anything about one in quite a while. They used to be pretty popular in various incarnations like the Manta or Coyote? I prefer coupes as street cars like the T70 or M6.
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    Found this interesting picture (GT40 porn?) of a naked 40 chassis. Don't often get a view of the insides with the skin removed. Look at all those stampings they had to make. Funny it came up while searching for Mclaren chassis pictures LOL
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    Not all Mclarens are yellow

    Found this outstanding article on an M1 Mclaren. Thought you other fans of Bruce's might find it interesting.
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    A rare opportunity

    Gentlemen & others (you know who you are LOL) I have the opportunity to purchase a spot on reproduction tub & body for a T70 3B. My concern is I want to build a street car. I'd like some advise from those more knowledgeable on such things than I. Is a mono tub actually a good choice as a street...
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    Porsche 986 trans

    I've had some advise that the 986 Boxter trans is a good one to use. Has anyone used one? What code letters/numbers should I look for that would have the LSD (or do they have them)?
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    Mclaren M6 body?

    Is there anyone that makes an M6 body in the States? Or an M1? Thinking down the road to maybe doing a Mclaren. I like the earlier more rounded bodies than the M8s. Cheers
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    Audi codes

    Can anybody tell me what the code for the correct gearing would be for an Audi A4 trans. I know nothing about trans & gear ratios LSD etc. Just want to back up my Buick 215 putting out about 250 horse 5spd? 6spd? It's all a mystery to me LOL Thanks
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    Quad DCOE 40s

    I'm looking at a cross over quad Weber set up for my Buick 215. It's basicly the same as the Olds Traco engine used in the original Mclaren M1a. Has anyone used this set up? I was wondering about any problems with keeping 4 carbs all in sinc & tuning. I've never had a multiple carb set up just...
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    A door question

    For all you owners out there. I'd like to cut the roof of my Lotus Europa the way the GT40 is. They share much the same design in the doors except the roof cut out. The same head room problem getting in & out of the Lotus is I'm sure what prompted Ford to bring the door tops into the roof. The...
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    Greetings from sunny So. Cal.

    I didn't really say Hi a couple of weeks ago when I re-entered. It's been a couple of years since I was active here & with my car. I re-activated my membership & started back into working on my Lotus build. This time around I intend to get it built/done (famous last words?) LOL Have posted some...
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    Gurney weslake intake

    An FYI there's a Gurney eagle/weslake 4 barel intake manifold on ebay right now 2-3-17. Not mine & have no connection to it. Just happened to see it.
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    T70 books

    I have John Starkey's book "Lola T70 the racing history & individual Chassis record" I see he has another book with a slightly different name. Is there much difference between them to justify the $75 expenditure. It looks like there might be more color photos, but I'm more interested in the...
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    How wide?

    Could someone please tell me. What is the width of a T70 IIIb at the door sills out side edge? Thanks
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    Rcr t70

    Has anyone purchased a turn key - T70 from RCR? How complete is it? Do you just install the engine/trans & go? I've requested info on line from RCR twice & received nothing back. Thanks